06-16 R6 wheels, tires and misc parts

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    83D678C0-0C33-4162-8BB6-22C26AC98AD9.jpeg B37EA510-65CF-4E6F-B389-21091BB4A835.jpeg 88A96DFA-753F-4A7C-ACD7-10FBD756E968.jpeg 078BEE44-B3F9-4407-9227-4B902114E097.jpeg 9B4094B1-3AF6-42F7-832C-0200AA665527.jpeg 24E6B9A7-EF63-4F54-941D-0C6AABCB1EE1.jpeg 0606948A-0C06-4797-889E-5C31324BF6FB.jpeg 4FB02221-79DE-42BC-8BEE-B723DA36B9EB.jpeg BED5A2AF-CF19-450F-98BD-1170BEE5C99D.jpeg E16FDDBB-668A-4C4E-97D2-EC959B71C520.jpeg All prices are OBO. Willing to ship. Located in Kelowna.

    Powder Coated gloss black, gold 90 degree valve stems, Fast Frank’s captive spacers, Braking SK2 wave rotors, Pirelli superbike slicks (SC2), recent bearings, ready to run. Inc rear rotor, sprocket carrier and cush drive. Some minor wear from tire mounting - $1200

    Pirelli Superbike slick take-offs (SC1) - $250

    06-16 R6 EBC EPFA Extreme Pro Sintered Brake Pads - EPFA380HH - $220

    R6 EBC clutch removal tool - $25

    06-16 R6 Kick stand, clutch perch, black clutch levers, oil filter - Offers

    Dual temp tire warmers (120/190) by Pit Posse, work awesome, rear one has some wear after my kid flipped it on when it was on the ground - $150

    call or text 778-215-7005

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