2021 Racing Season... Castrol??

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Rd2ride, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Luke Drapeau
    From my understanding and please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Castrol has decided to not hold EMRA racing or track attacks for the remainder of 2020 season.

    Thankfully, no doubt through the tireless efforts of our awesome exec team, we can finish our racing season at Stratotech along with track days.

    My question is if Castrol Raceway has told the EMRA of their plans for 2021. Whether or not they’ll continue or have plans to hold motorcycle events at their facility.

    I would think Castrol would have to again put quite a lot of money and time, with the EMRA’s help, to make appropriate changes to areas of the racetrack to ensure riders safety.

    What I’m wondering is if Castrol has made the commitment to this, for the 2021 season or is the door closed.
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    Shane C Fraser
    The Emra decided to put events on hold at castrol raceway for the remainder of 2020

    As for 2021 I am sure many conversations will take place in regards to changes to be made and how to move forward With castrol.
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    No easy answers here.

    I will say decisions between the EMRA and Castrol Raceway management have all been made mutually. We have an amazing relationship with each other.

    The 2020 season rolls on. For now events are planned at Stratotech. But that may change. Stay up to date here and on our social media. It's 2020, lets all try and not live under a rock.

    The 2021 season is also in the works. But many many more variables are undetermined in that as of right now. We are still 4 months away from our AGM where many of the 2021 season decisions will be made. Will there be racing, yes of course, it's what we do. I'm always excited about planning the best season we can. Maybe we race in Leduc, or Fort Saskatchewan, or Calgary, or Oliver, sky is the limit who knows.

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