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Discussion in 'Technical Forum' started by Snak, May 15, 2016.

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    During race school I had my brake pads/rotors glaze on me, essentially it felt like my brakes were greased up. There was obvious transfer of pad material to the rotors. Scuffing down the rotors at the track helped some, but they still felt like garbage. When I pulled the pads out they were quite shined up as well.

    The pads that were installed are EBC HH sintered pads (copper color friction material.) I don't believe they are the extreme performance ones, possibly just the "street" level pads. They were already installed when I bought the bike last year.

    What are you guys running for brake pads (brand and compound)? I'm using the OEM rotors if that makes a difference.
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    Transfer of pad material is a good thing. Normal part of the bedding-in process.

    I never had a problem with EBC HH pads at an upper-intermediate pace. Granted, I'm a light rider on a 600, and I haven't raced at Castrol.

    Is it possible you had some kind of contamination on the discs or pads? Leaky forks? Brake fluid from the bleed nipples? Some schmutz on the rotors when mounting up new track rubber?

    Here's what I would personally do, to start from scratch;

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