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    CSBK will have a few bags so please bring and save your water/juice,windshield washer,gatorade bottles and bring them to the track. These bags will be on display and used on the track if we can fill them. This is a very cost effective way for us all to look after each other on the track. Please look for the bags before you toss that bottle in the garbage.

    The Canadian Rider Safety Fund is planning to greatly expand their “Bottle Bag” efforts at motorcycle road racing venues across Canada this year, after the initial development phase with the “Bottle Bags” has proved successful.

    These “Bottle Bags” have been deployed at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Nova Scotia,St. Eustache Quebec and Shannonville Motorsport Park in Ontario, and now efforts are underway to increase support, expand the programs at the two established venues, and also develop the “Bottle Bag” program at other Canadian Race Tracks.

    The goal with the “Bottle Bag” program is to provide relatively affordable, renewable protection device installations at all Canadian tracks, replacing the effective but expensive Air Fences, Straw Bales and Foam Blocks. When the “Bottle Bag” program is fully realized, protection devices would remain at each venue, and not require transport from location to location. In this way, they can serve race events as well as testing and track days

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