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    Hello, if you are an Intermediate & Expert racer and finished top 3 n any race in 2020 and you want a beautiful picture plaque with your podium finishes on it I need to know in the next month or so. Let’s say March 1 is cut off. So far I have these people who have requested one, some of whom have paid and some not yet.
    If you want a plaque please EMT me $20. The EMRA covers the balance but this is to help offset the cost ($54/each) and make sure we aren’t making these for people who won’t pick them up.
    Here’s my list and a picture of the plaques from last year.

    Matt Stokes — PAID

    Jason McCann - PAID

    Devon Sosniuk- PAID

    Greg Taylor

    Steve O’Brien

    Grace O’Brien

    Kerri Reid

    Kyle Allan — PAID

    Sheldon Lapointe

    Sean Mah — PAID

    Corey Crowe

    Trevor Patrick - PAID

    Ryan Leslie

    Kevin McMurray

    Brian Neufeld - PAID

    Manav Madan - PAID

    Sean Hofmeister

    Paul MacDonell - PAID

    Scott Huber

    Justin Litzenberger - PAID

    David Phillips

    Norbert Dworzynski

    Tosh Gable — PAID

    Tanya Massey

    Michael Parker — PAID

    Ben Kipper — PAID

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