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Discussion in 'Technical Forum' started by simpletty, Oct 6, 2016.

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    My rear brake caliper is a one piece design that fits in a sliding groove in the
    rear swingarm and is held in place with the use of the rear axle through bolt. It has quick change brake pad pins that are held in place with cotter pins. The front are also held in with the same quick change pins. Are the pins required to be safety wired for tech? Also the rear axle nut is the self locking type but the through bolt is solid. So is drilling the nut on the edge and securing it to a solid attachment point ok?
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    Cotter pins don't need to be safety wired if they are not reusable (split pins).
    I safety wire my axle pin since it is what is known as an "r-pin" and it literally takes 30 seconds to do it.
    I've seen people use the ones that look like safety pins, I can't recall their name, without safety wire.
    As far as your rear axle bolt being self locking, if it is a Yamaha R1 type replace it.
    Google them and you will see they don't always come off when you want them to. I recently watched the owner and 2 techs spend over an hour trying to get one off at the race track.
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    The pins Mike refers to are available locally. I have bought them at Edmonton Nut and Bolt and I would guess that Gregg's sells them too.


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