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    2014 Fees.
    The annual membership fee remains at $40, but for 2014 you will also be required to purchase an annual race license for $60. Practice will now cost $150. The first race fee has increased to $100, every race after that will cost $30. The two Novice races will cost $110.

    The “Medical Data Carrier” is mandatory at 2014 EMRA events, we feel these are an improvement over the medical form that we used to carry inside our leathers, they can be purchased from the EMRA for $5 or purchased from motorcycle dealers or on the Internet.
    We are also continuing a “No show” fee of $20. The fee is charged when a rider preregisters for an event and then does not show up for that weekend. The club is charged for every transaction made on the system and this should help recoup some of those fees.
    Mandatory RFID tags - these are used for timing and scoring races, they can be purchased at registration or online for $5.

    2014 RegistrationOnline Registration for round 5 and 6 is now open, it will close Wednesday September 30 at midnight. You will have to do two separate entries for both race days. There is no practice day for this weekend. The $20 late registration fee will still apply to those riders who do not preregister using the online system. As always, your credit card will not be charged until online registration closes. Payment at the track is done by cash or cheque only.

    We have some software updates this year so read the instructions below before trying to register:
    Log in as usual to https://trackintel.com/ti/emra/index.html
    The registration system is completely separate from the forum, your forum log on will not work for the registration system.
    If you do not have a log on email Ian Wall at 911ianwall@gmail.com and request a log on, he will need the following information: Full name, license type, year and model of the bike you are going to race.

    We have some new classes for 2014 so everyone should run the bike interview again, if you don't your bike will not be eligible for the new classes. To do this click on your motorcycle on the top left side of the screen. A new screen will open with your bike description and the classes it is legal for, below that will be a red message that says “Re run interview to select legal classes” click on this message and then answer the questions, after answering all questions scroll down and click on “click here to continue…”
    Click on the event you want to register for and answer the questions, click on next when you are done, when you get to the transponder page just click next, you don’t need to assign tags to your bike unless you are racing more than one motorcycle.

    When you get to the end and you’ve done everything correctly you will see a green box with “send Entry” on it, if you don’t it means you are missing some information, on the right hand side of the screen you will see some red messages telling you what you are missing. If it’s emergency contact info that’s missing, click on the “My profile” tab under the EMRA logo and select “Medical info” and fill in the blanks and save, you should be able to register now and the “Send entry” button will be green.

    If you have any problems send a message to me at 911ianwall@gmail.com

    Thanks, Ian
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