Stratotech Round 5 Setup Time!

Discussion in 'Volunteers' started by 2quickrides, Aug 12, 2020.

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    It’s time again!!!!

    Tired of moving air fence? Us too!
    Still looking to get your air fence deposit back but don’t like air fence? Are you one of the people who didn’t like all the gravel everywhere last time? Then it’s win win as there’s no air fence to move! But there’s a crap load of sweeping and blowing off to do. If you have a leaf blower, bring it!
    Also, as the space is limited until Friday afternoon due to grandstands being set up, only people helping clean up will be able to park trailers Thursday.

    Before dropping your trailer, speak to an EMRA exec about where to park.

    We will start at 6pm this Thursday evening (August 13th)

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