Race School

To ensure quality of instruction there will be a limit of 40 riders for the school. Register early to guarantee your spot!

The EMRA Race School is targeted at those riders looking to learn all the rules and skills required to begin their racing career.

If you are simply looking to improve your riding skills but don't intend to race, performance riding schools are available through On Track Performance - visit www.ontrackperformance.ca for more details.


What does it cost?
$325, includes annual EMRA membership ($40 value)

How do I register?
Visit the following link to register:

The 2018 EMRA race school is now sold out with a waiting list currently, if you are still interested in getting your race license this year, you can still register for the On Track Performance school here:

Time Commitment:

  • One half day of classroom instruction
  • One full day of on track instructor led sessions

What to Expect:

  • Classroom instruction from experienced racers, giving you all the knowledge you need to become a successful club racer - explanations of riding theory, tips on bike preparation, and all the rules and procedures you need to understand before getting on the track
  • Drills including lines, throttle control, braking, body position, passing, race starts, and the full experience of gridding up for your first mock race!

Machine Preparation:

  • Ensure the bike is in good working order (throttle should move freely, brake pads must have sufficient material and brake fluid should be bled if fluid is old)
  • Tires are in good shape and are clear of cracks and have adequate tread remaining
  • No leaks; for example, engine fluids are contained, fork seals are good, and all hoses are in good shape
  • Bodywork and other items are securely fastened to the motorcycle
  • No bike will be allowed on the track if the organizers deem the bike to be unsafe

Riding Gear:

  • 1 or 2 piece leather or textile suit, if 2 piece it must zip together around the waist
  • Riding boots at least ankle high
  • Gauntlet style gloves (covering the wrist)
  • Helmet rated for motorcycle track use (i.e. Snell M2010, ECE 22.05)

EMRA Race School Registration:

EMRA School registrations will be sold on a first come first served basis. Students who pass an EMRA race school are eligible to receive an EMRA competition license (Novice). If the student does not purchase a license and race at a minimum of one event during those two years, that student will be required to take another race school in order to be re-certified for licensing.

Refund Policy:

Refunds will be granted for schools up to 15 days in advance of the school with the exception of a $50 service fee. No refunds will be issued in the last 7 days before the start of the school. The School runs rain or shine so come prepared!

Frequently Asked Questions

"What kind of bike should I ride at the school?"

Most riders take the race school on a street bike, a fully prepared race bike is not required. Sportbikes are the most common, but any bike that has enough clearance to corner safely would be acceptable. Smaller displacement bikes will teach you to carry corner speed instead of relying on horsepower to get you around the track faster.

"What are the costs of racing?"

Typical weekend costs are the following:

  • Practice - $150
  • Novice Races (two included) - $120
  • Transponder Rental - $50
  • Gate Fee $10/day
  • Medical Data Carrier $5
  • Membership and Race License Fee (once annually) - $150 (incl. $50 refundable deposit)

You will also need to factor in tires, fuel, food and beverages.

"How do I advance from the Novice class?"

You will need to complete 4 races without incident (i.e. crashing or contact with other riders) and run times below the 1:40 mark to move up to the intermediate class.

"What classes will I be eligible for when I start racing?"

You can see a quick reference guide here:
Race Classes


2018 Track Day and School Schedule

HardNox Track Dayz Area 27 April 21
EMRA Race School May 11-12
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day May 13
Castrol Evening Track Attack June 1
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day June 9
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day June 10
Castrol Evening Track Attack June 15
Castrol Evening Track Attach July 6
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day July 21
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day July 22
Castrol Evening Track Attack August 3
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day August 18
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day August 19
Castrol Evening Track Attack August 31
HardNox Track Dayz Full Day September 9

For more information on HardNox Track Dayz visit: