Meeting Minutes August 2016

EMRA Executive Meeting August 2016

Meeting Minutes August 2016

Minutes: EMRA Executive Meeting

Location: McCoy Corp 9618 42 Ave

1.Call to Order @ 7:10 PMon August 22, 2016

2.Executive Roll Call (A:Absent/P:Present/L:Late/C:Conference Call)

Dave Kendal P
Dana Draper A
Wilson Kwan P
Jon Bullee P
Shane Fraser P
Brian Worsdal A
Todd Yakimoski P
Scott Paras P
Aleks Vuckovic P
Tricia Reese P
Owen Baba A
Chrissy Mitchell A
James Melanson A

Generator – we need to service them. Registration just needed oil but the timing one does need to be done. Todd will look into it. Registration will need to be maintained after round 6.

More air horns – Todd will check with Greggs to see on the price. Todd will purchase a case.

Combine intermediate and expert 600 superbike – unanimous vote of no. We will try to run on par for the rest of the season.

Cut novice by one lap – 3 voted in favor.

Todd will make a red flag form and send it on to Wilson

Add mock red flag to race school.

Castrol – needs to change their website to put in times.

Expert group must have race license, and tech-able race bike. There is no expert group per se, it is a licensed racer group.

We need a schedule for Friday night, no pre-tech until 4 - 6. Race round registration will happen at the end of the day.

Corner one – air fence straps, they are working very well, so well that they rip the straps now. We need to move some of the fence out of the corner one and replace it with some from another corner. We have less tires so that we need more fence. We can put some bottle bags in the corner.

Volunteer bbq – Wilson is on it. Double header Saturday evening.

Oil Kings - Tricia had a meeting with them and we can host a March 11th game. This would mean we have to sell 100 tickets to the game and we can put a table in the concord in Rodgers Place for that game. Great exposure for the club. Unanimous vote in favor.

Todd – We lost money on round 3, Less than $1500 loss. 62 racers for round 4 but we did make a small profit.

Dave will email about transponders again.

Wilson – banquet, we have the big room at the Casino. October 15th. Drinks at 5, dinner at 6. We will need to discuss ticket price when he has more information.

Red flags – we go directly to paddocks if the ambulance is on track. Dave or Jon will have a conversation with Scott.

Sept 8 next meeting