Meeting Minutes January 2017

January Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

Jan 10/2017 McCoy Building Start time 6:22pm


Dave Kendal
Joshua Almeida
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall
Chrissy Mitchell
Brian Lam
Tricia Reese
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

EMRA Members in attendance:
Scott Paras

Old Business:

New Business:

Ambulance confirmed for season and race school. Stu is confirmed for the season


  • Full day track attacks and qualifying – June 23 and Sept 1. Insurance has been sorted out for these nights for qualifying – insurance will be $300 more for a timed event. EMRA will pay the difference.
  • Road course rental agreement – booking 9 days this year 67500 +tax. No increase in rental cost this year.
  • Motion to put down deposit of $35,000 contingent on any points we need to discuss on the rental agreement. All in favor.
  • Add more track days –Kim wants more track nights. Brainstorm how we can make it happen. Possibly a joint effort with HardNox.
  • August 13thMotion to make this date an EMRA track attack event? And if warranted a race school will be announced. All in favor.
  • Concerns on the agreement: We will need to look into the following for clarification

- Pro pit and paddock clarification for rental

- What they consider a conflicting sponsor. Clarification on vendors at track.

- Cancellations – Hard Nox wants to add that the rain out policy should include snow and extreme temperature (example 5 °C)

Registration system

  • Race school registration is ready to go for Friday 8 am, social media will happen at the same time. Race school also has a wait list built in.
  • 2017 race license system is set up. Everything can be set up through the registration. Motion: you have to buy your race license if you want your number claimed. There will be a grace period until the end of round one. All in favor.

Bike show – everything booked. Volunteer positions are covered. Reminders will be sent out. Bikes will be set up starting at 3, must be done by 6:30.

New website – we need content. We are lacking content for new racers, Dave would like to do videos on how to go from street bike to racebike. Volunteers Owen, Dave, Jon. Chrissy will look into a videographer for race school so we can get some video for the website.

Schedule change – Looking again to see where we can save some time. After much discussion - Motion Membership voted to combine races at the AGM (intermediate and expert superbike and twins). We will try just this change and see what evolves from there. All in favor. Tricia will also talk to Scott/the volunteers about how to streamline bike pickup.

Oil Kings hockey tickets – Tricia is concerned that the date is coming up soon and we have only sold 11 tickets. All exec will take in the least 5 tickets and sell them.

20 Scott Paras

10 Brian Wordsall

5 Owen Baba

5 Brian Lam

5 Josh Almeida

5 Allen Millican

6 Chrissy Mitchell

5 Dana Draper

Airfence – we need to order more. $1900 each, we need 5 more. Motion to buy the airfence. All in favor. Chrissy will look into how much money we have available in the air fence fund.

Flatdeck trailer – keep an eye out for a trailer. $2000 budget. Tricia will look into getting a trailer company to donate a trailer. Brian will talk to Swift.

Rulebook – Final look at the rulebook changes as per AGM. David will post.

Transponder group buy – Shane will organize again. Chrissy will work with Shane on the money end.

New logo – We are still looking at updating the logo. Motion – Scott Paras will look into sending the old logo to 99 designs and getting a new one. Price is $699 but with a money back guarantee.

Expense claims – Chrissy would like to get Expensify – scans from phone to send in expenses to Chrissy. It will make it easier to get people their reimbursement cheques. Motion try Expensify. All in favor.

Distribution of Executive duties – attached sheet.

Person Responsible

Action List


Set up meeting with Kim to clarify rental agreement.


Look into videographer

How much is in the air fence fund


Contact SWS trailers about a possible donation


Talk to Swift about a flatdeck

Next meeting – discuss schedule change lap counts.

Next Meeting - February 15th 7pm.

*If you have something you would like to discuss could you please let Tricia know. We can be more efficient if people are aware what we are discussing and are able to brainstorm and formulate some ideas before hand.