Meeting Minutes March 2017

March Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes March 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

March 21/2017 McCoy Building

Start time 7 pm


Dave Kendal
Joshua Almeida
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall
Chrissy Mitchell
Brian Lam
Tricia Reese
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

Old Business:

Presidents Report

- Castrol meeting update – went well. We can’t do highway signage (county), Kim did offer signs on the entrance row, if we make one they will put it up. Offered onsite advertising, we just have to take a look at what we want.

- Classroom is more expensive because the classroom is bigger and nicer.

- Castrol typically charges for on site vendors, this will be talked about more, we don't want to discourage vendors who provide services to our members. They do have to have some type of insurance.

- HardNox wanted an extreme weather clause. If you get half a day you pay full price, if you can’t then it is a make up date can be negotiated. There will not be a specific temperature on it but safety will be taken into consideration. Open for negotiation into another date into the next year if there is a cancellation.

Corner 1 - ongoing

- Race School planning update- booked Castrol’s classroom. Emailed out for instructors – we have 19 so far. Still working on adding video

New business

- Review Oil Kings game – for free exposure it was really good.

- Air Fence fundraiser – March 26th. Scheduling difficulty we will watch Moto 2 then MotoGP. We will give away tshirts for raffle.

- Air Fence Trailer – we bought a 20’ trailer, it has a pintle hitch. We will get a receiver to put in the trailers for everyone to share. It does have fenders that we have to work around, we will have to put some plywood across to make it level. There are stake pockets so we need to grind them off. We will assess on race school Friday.

- Air Fence Trailer moving/setup (see email appendix) – Entirely up to Mike as to where they go, information only.

- Race School Shirts – Brian will talk to Terrance about getting the race school tshirts. Dave will send Brian the sizes.

- Swag – digitizing logo – Dave is looking at a few companies on line, you choose if you want to make profit or not. People have to pay their own shipping. We will have to pay $65 for changing the logo so that things can be embroidered. Tabled. We will order hats from Scott’s guy, we will go for 20 to begin with.

May 2 7:00 pm next meeting

Review Action Plans

Person Responsible

Action List


Cancel credit card with trackintel CANCELLED


Invoices for hockey tickets DONE

March action plan

Person Responsible

Action List




Instructor sizes to Brian


Order race shirts

Email: Castrol trailers

We seemed to have several issues with Mud, timing of other events going on, safety etc.... This way we are all better organized and as much as we can be, controlled.

Your suggestions are appreciated and Mike is the guy who is going to make the best suggestion of where we end up with the trailer storage.

On a different note, last year worked great in pre-arranging set up. Please make sure you discuss with your group their intention to set up the day before your events. We will need someone to CALL FIRST to make sure we don’t have an event on that prevents them from track access the night before your rental. I am not expecting issues/problems, we just have to plan our time together.

Thanks again for your continued support, we appreciate your business!