Meeting Minutes May 2017

May Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

May 2/2017 McCoy Building

Start time 7 pm


Dave Kendal
Joshua Almeida X
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall X
Chrissy Mitchell
Brian Lam
Tricia Reese X
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

Old Business:

Presidents Report

- Ian was contacted by TrackIntel about the timing laptop as we no longer use their services. He has shipped the laptop back to them.

- Registration will be via pre-registration and Saturday morning only, there will be no registration on Sunday. This is to allow time to resolve any issues that come up with generating grids and timing.

- LTE hub has been purchased to run the registration laptops, which has battery backup which should eliminate any down time caused by the generator going down or local network issues which led to delays in registration last year.

- A new short form has been generated for transponder rentals in order to speed up the registration process.

Race School

- Need someone to work tower and keep us on schedule as the timeline is tight. Chrissy has volunteered.

- Instructors have all been confirmed, enough to keep a ratio of no more than 2-3 students per instructor.

- There have been several cancellations, spots have either been filled or are awaiting response / payment

New business

- Air fence trailers are being relocated by Castrol, Exec to confirm placement is acceptable.

- We need workers to collect gate fees - this will be done by Lilly and Hailey for round 1

- Change in process for tech - we will go paperless by having tech note down the rider name and number of the bikes they tech, then they will bring the info to registration to enter in the system.

- Brian and Owen have recorded footage for a tech video to help new riders prepare their bike to pass tech. Dave to make final edit adding disclaimer referring to rule book and clarifying safety wire length.

- Hardnox agreement reviewed for air fence and radio rentals, all in favour of signing agreement as is with one revision requiring that they pay for replacement pinkies (rubber attachment for ear piece) as lots are consumed.

- New locks are required for trailers, Dana will purchase a set with matching keys.

- Five-O motorsports will have a special guest at round 1, we will announce at riders meeting and ask riders to accomodate wherever possible.

- EAGR season opener event will run concurrent with round 1 practice/qualifying. EAGR will help by providing people to help their members find parking. There will also be a show and shine, and EAGR decals will get free gate fee. Gate will also sell EMRA decals.

- Edmonton Auto Show - Owen put bikes in this year, said feedback after was that they would like executive members to attend and hand out info next year as there was lots of interest in motorcycles.

- Hats with new EMRA logo have been made up in time for round 1, will be sold for $25 each

- Minimum age for track attack events has come up as an inquiry, waiting on Castrol Raceway to clarify as these are their events and covered by their insurance.

- Ambulance has been confirmed and contract signed with Mahikan Medical Services for race school and all race rounds.

- Insurance has been confirmed for race school and all race rounds

- New air fence trailer has been purchased, will need to be evaluated during race school setup to see if any changes need to be made to wheel wells and edges to get impact barriers on and off without damaging them.

May 30th 7:00 pm next meeting

Review Action Plans

Person ResponsibleAction List
TrishHats - DONE
DaveSend instructor shirt sizes to Brian - DONE
BrianOrder race school shirts - DONE

May action plan

Person ResponsibleAction List
Brian LPurchase ear plugs for volunteers
Brian WOrder lunch for race school volunteers / instructors
Chrissy Pick up snacks for classroom portion of race school, and bottled water for volunteers
DaveSend out task list to exec as a reminder
DanaConfirm tech decals for round 1
DaveMake changes to tech video as discussed
DanaPick up locks for trailers
Brian LTest gridding and timing at race school
DaveSend memo to riders to update firmware on transponders