The following definitions and abbreviations are adopted for use in these rules.

  • Aftermarket - Produced by a manufacturer or fabricator other than original equipment manufacturer.
  • cc - Cubic Centimeters.
  • Disqualification - Unless otherwise defined, means the forfeiture of all awards, prizes and points earned in all events during that day’s meet.
  • Event - Any one of the races in a meet.
  • Meet - A meeting at which one or more races or events are held.
  • Motorcycle - A motorized, two-wheeled, competition vehicle to be identified by its frame number, frame tag, or other frame marking.
  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Paddock - Designated area primarily used for maintenance of event entered competition motorcycles and parking area for motorcycle transport and support vehicles.
  • Piston Displacement - The space covered or volume swept out by the piston(s) at each stroke.
  • Pit Crew - Mechanic and/or assistants.
  • Pit(s) - Designated area directly adjacent to the track between the main grandstands and the front straightaway. Access is limited to officials or individuals with appropriate track pass credentials.
  • Program - The predetermined outline of events that make up a meet.
  • Race - Competition in which two or more riders compete against each other.
  • Race Track or Circuit - These include the actual racing surface, runoff areas and the Pits.
  • Suspension - (With respect to penalties) the loss of all rights to compete as a rider or member of a pit crew for the stated period.