It is the responsibility of the rider to understand, be aware and act appropriately whenever any of the following flags are displayed.

3.1 Operational Flags

Canadian / Provincial Flag


Start of race

In lieu of the Canadian / Provincial flag, races will normally be started using the track signal lighting system (the red lights will be used as described in section 2.6), which is located near the end of the front straight, above the pit wall. In the event of a problem with the track signal lighting system, races will be started using the aforementioned flags. Should this occur, a rider’s meeting will be held to advise riders of the change in starting system to be used, and the requirements there of.

Green Flag


Clear track conditions

Checkered Flag


End of race or practice session. Proceed around course to the designated track exit.

Red Flag


The race has been stopped. Reduce speed and proceed safely to the designated location. Do not exit the track unless specifically instructed to do so by a race official. In the event that rider misses one red flag station the rider must stop safely at the next red flag station. A rider could see a waving red flag if he/she is about to happen upon the race incident which instigated the red flag.

Black Flag


Indicates a problem with your motorcycle or a disqualification. The flag will be pointed at the rider and/or number board displayed with flag indicating rider being signaled.

If this happens to you: Carefully reduce speed and stop at the first safe location off the racecourse if you have a mechanical problem, or proceed safely to the pit lane, and report to the Starter, Referee, or Pit Lane Marshal. Riders are not permitted to return to the racecourse unless cleared by the Referee, Starter, or Pit Lane Marshal.

3.2 Warning Flags

Yellow Flag/Red Stripes


Indicates debris, fluid or a potentially hazardous situation on or near the track. Passing is allowed. Exercise caution.

Yellow Flag


Stationary indicates a potentially hazardous situation on or near the track. Passing is allowed. Exercise caution.

Waving Indicates serious hazards on or near the track. Proceed with caution. Passing is not allowed from the flag stations displaying the waving yellow flag until the rider is beyond the incident.

3.3 Courtesy flags

Furled Blue & Green Crossed


Indicates 1/2 total race distance.

Blue & White Flag


Indicates 1 lap remaining in the race.