The following apparel must be worn in all events. Rider apparel must pass technical inspection.

4.1 Helmet

  • All helmets must be within 5 years to the month of the manufacture date listed on the inside of the helmet AND helmets must be certified by the manufacturer and have a sticker affixed stating it meets one of the following accepted standards:
    North America: Snell M2010 or M2015, Europe: ECE 22.05 P, Great Britain: BS 6658 Type A, Japan: JIS 8133:2007
  • All helmets must be undamaged, full coverage, or full facial units with immovable chin pieces.
  • A non-damaged visor must be fitted and secured in a down position on the helmet during any practice or race session.
  • Tech. Inspection may disqualify helmets damaged during crash
  • All helmets worn on track must have a Medical Data Carrier™ attached to the lower left side of the helmet.
  • No cameras or mounts attached on helmets; this nullifies SNELL rating.


4.2 Riding Suit, Back Protector, Gloves and Boots

  • Suits must be of leather.
  • Suits must be either one-piece or two-piece. If a two-piece suit is worn the jacket and pants must be securely fastened to each other over their full circumference.
  • If the suit is not equipped with an integrated back protector of suitable construction and coverage (recommended from base of neck to the tailbone), the rider must wear a suitable back protector under the suit. Back protectors meeting European Standard CE EN1621-2 Level 2 are recommended.
  • Gloves made of leather must be worn. Gloves using a combination of nylon and leather are acceptable if leather protects the fingers and palms. Gloves must be gauntlet type, extending a minimum of 2” beyond the cuff of the racing suit.
  • Boots must be at least eight inches in height.