6.1 General Information

  • This section outlines actions that are considered detrimental to the sport of motorcycle racing and that may result in a range of disciplinary actions. Unless otherwise specifically provided for in these rules, the EMRA may impose the following penal-ties to any rider, mechanic or crew.
  • In serious cases, report of infractions to Race License issuing organization.
  • The following offences are subject to disciplinary action by the Referee and/or EMRA. This list is provided as guidance to competitors, but does not restrict EMRA from invoking penalties for other actions detrimental to the sport but is not specifically contemplated herein.
    • Monetary fines.
    • Loss of event points.
    • Loss of points for all of the season up to the time of the infraction.
    • Suspension of participation in EMRA sanctioned activities.
    • Permanent loss of participation in EMRA sanctioned activities.

6.2 Conduct Offences

  • An attack on an EMRA official/volunteer/rider, verbal, or physical, and/or engaging in a fight. This includes any person who attacks or is involved in a fight anywhere on the premises prior to, during, or after an EMRA event. Race Officials will make final decision on penalties, disqualification, and/or removal from premises.
  • Any discussion of penalties/disqualification/etc. will take place between either the rider’s representative and/or the rider and the referee at either the referee’s discretion or the rider’s request. The rider’s rep will act as an intermediary between the rider and the referee in such cases.

6.3 Racing Offences

  • Any tech infractions found after the fact will result in a penalty. Determination of offences is at the discretion of the meet Referee or other appropriate Race Officials.
  • Motorcycles must carry a functioning transponder at all times while on track, including practice. Failure to do so WILL result in being pulled from the track, loss of grid position, or disqualification at the discretion of race officials.
  • Cutting the bus stop (continuing straight through on the race track) will resuklt in a one second penalty or relinquish a position if a position is gained.
  • Any competitor that is involved in 3 crashes in a single weekend may be retired for the remainder of the event weekend by discretion of the Race Director and Executive.
  • Jumping the start (Starts may be recorded) - Penalty: For Safety reasons loss of positions/points at conclusion of race (3 positions). Once gridded, any forward motion prior to flag dropping or the red light going off will constitute a jump start. No creeping is allowed. Jump Start penalties are assessed by the Starter/Referee/Race officials at conclusion of race and then inform Scoring & Timing.
  • Passing under a waving yellow. The no passing for position zone is defined as the location of the waving yellow flag until the incident in question. Rider must recede back to previous position or receive Penalty: Disqualification from that event results.
  • Failing to immediately respond to a Black flag, Red flag, or other signals from EMRA officials will result in a penalty. Determination of offences is at the discretion of the meet Referee or other appropriate Race Officials.
  • In the case of no restart, any rider(s) deemed responsible by the Referee for the race-ending incident may be placed in the results, at the end of their respective laps, using the method described previously for regridding.

6.4 Protest Procedures

  • If a competitor wishes to protest another racer in the same class, (A rider filing a protest against another rider must have taken part in the event during which the alleged violation took place. Only riders may file protests.), the protest must be filed with the Referee within 20 minutes of the posting of the official results for that race. A $25 cash fee is required to file a protest, along with a brief written explanation of the details of the protest, signed and presented by the rider filing the protest. Standard protest forms are available from the EMRA Technical Director or Referees.
  • After informing a competitor that their conduct or motorcycle is under protest, they must present themselves to the EMRA Referee immediately or face disqualification.
  • All matters pertaining to a protest are checked by the EMRA executive (headed by the Referee) and their decision is final. Any competitors unwilling to allow their motorcycle to be inspected forfeit all points, awards, etc. due to them over the weekend in question. Further action may be taken against such a rider by reporting them to their license issuing organization.
  • If a protest is upheld, the Referee refunds the protest fee to the protesting party.

6.5 Protest Appeals

  • Protest Appeal Fee: $25.00
  • Any rider unsatisfied with a protest judgment can file a request for an appeal hearing. If the protest judgment is given during the meet, the rider wishing to file an appeal must verbally state intent to file an appeal to the referee or his designee within one hour after the completion of the last race of the meet. If the protest judgment is given after trophy presentations, the rider wishing to file an appeal must notify the EMRA office within 24 hours of the protest judgment being given, that intent to file an appeal exists. In either case, a written version of the appeal must be received at the EMRA office, along with the appropriate fee, within 1 week of the verbal intent notification. The EMRA Executive then meets to review the case. The decision of this EMRA Executive is final.