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    Tech Air race. vs Tech Air 10

    The paperwork seems to have been created on the premise of integrated airbag suits rather than modular systems so you submit every combination individually. A* has 2 new suit types and 3 current airbag types so they have six entries for them plus one legacy. Klim has an airbag listed on its...
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    Tech Air race. vs Tech Air 10

    I don't know, this has all of their MotoGP suits listed with the Tech Air 5 as a certified air bag. RAV-1 is definitely a model of Tech Air Race, not sure about RAV-3...
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    Transponder battery over winter

    At least on the X2 the recommendation is to charge it every 3 months
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    1:10s to get out of novice on a lightweight open bike means you practically need to have expert pace, that's ridiculous and would probably lead to a lot of crashing trying to force a lap time. The better solution to having 15s+ lap differentials in races like Formula Thunder is to give...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    The way I read the rulebook, every I4 bike but the ZX6 is legally allowed to be overbored in any classes they're eligible anyways. Depending on how you interpret it the most common regulation violation in 600 SS is probably not having the ram air system from the model year of the frame mounted...
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    July 3-5 Stratotech Weekend Info

    I assume the decibel limit still applies Saturday-Sunday?
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    Turn 5 safety...

    The problem with 5 is the proximity of 13. The shorter or shallower you make the wall there the more you have to worry about someone missing 13 and coming out in 5 or vice versa and right now it's at the length that just barely blocks the line of sight straight across. There's no real great...
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    April EMRA Exec Meeting.

    I know the track is booked every weekend from mid-May to the end of September so it's outright impossible to replace weekends but is there no chance of changes with the existing weekends? Eg. making August a 3 day event instead of a 2 day, or even turning practice or track day dates into race...
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Snell/ECE/JIS is a prereq for FRHPhe-01, so they could be passed as is.
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    WTB starter race bike

    Looking for something cost effective and reliable to turn as many hard laps as I can. Never was able to decide so 300, 650, or 600 all might be fine depending what's available.