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    Ducati 848

    I don't think I am going to racing this bike and will be looking to sell it. If someone wants a race bike or track day machine I will sell it for 5K. Basically an ex-Taylor Racing 2008 Ducati 848 in a 1198 frame (no title) - Recently Rebuilt engine (New Valves and Seats, Belts, Seals, Gaskets...
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    Bikes for Sale

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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Thanks Steve. Maybe I am cross-eyed, but section 5.3 on pg 17 of the link you provided says: ' 600 SS - 640cc or less (twins up to 750cc, triples up to 680cc, Ducati 848, singles - Open)' Anyway... I still propose changing the language of 5.1, 5.3, 5.5 to: Engine displacement: four cylinders...
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    One of the things I find confusing with the rulebook is the competition categories surrounding the 600 class. As it stands right now it is written as follows: Section 5.1 Competition Categories of the rulebook: -600 SS - 640cc or less (twins up to 750cc, triples up to 680cc, singles -...
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    Wanted: 2008 R6 Throttle Cable assembly

    Solved! Thanks!
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    Wanted: 2008 R6 Throttle Cable assembly

    I need to replace mine. Ordering a replacement set, but just checking to see if anyone has a spare throttle cable assembly for a 2008 R6 (I imagine 2008-2016 are all the same).
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    Track Attack (Novice Group) Questions?

    I think this thread should answer most of your questions: Novice group has two paced sessions where they show you the correct line, track entrance/egress procedures at a relaxed pace. If you are looking for...
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    Area 27April 6th

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    MotoGP COTA 2019

    I had a work trip last year in Houston and could only make the Sunday. Bought general admission and parking pass (I think I stayed in Lot F...) and drove Houston to COTA early in the morning. Not a bad drive at non-peak hours to get out of Houston. General admission wasn't that bad and I ended...
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    Test and Tune Air Fence Setup

    I'll try to make it as close to 5:00 pm as I can...
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    EMRA Rd 3 photos

    I was taking photos on Sunday until I realized the track wasn't that bad, and decided to put down the camera to go race. For what it's worth, you can find a small gallery here: If you want to buy a complete set (one round, one...
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    EMRA Round 2 photos

    Next week. Every grid needs it's backmarker. :p
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    EMRA Round 2 photos

    Rather than race last Sunday, I was out doing photos. I haven't done shots in about 9 months so I went a bit overboard. My gallery is a bit... big. Gallery is here: It is still uploading but I am hoping tomorrow the...
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    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    I can help with Rd2 setup. Everett
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    EMRA Round 7 photos

    Also... I go to the United Kingdom often. If any of you are interested in racing on the other side of the pond, I have a few small galleries here: and here...