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    Tech Air race. vs Tech Air 10

    I know the A-Starts vests and the Dainese vests have to be sent back to the manufacturer in California to be recharged. Some of the vests that go outside the suit take a standard CO2 cartridge, and can be replaced manually. But I believe these are the tether type systems.
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    A couple items that have been discussed amongst members of the exec over the course of the year that I have put together some proposed wording. Knock out round rule Current rule: 183. Any event that is added after the publication of the official season schedule will not award points for any...
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    I agree we should have a procedure for exec to follow when situations like this happen. I disagree that it should be in the rule book. The rule book is a document that spells out the rules that competitors need to follow when racing. It is not a procedural document for executive members to do...
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    2015 Stealth Titan 6'x12' + V nose enclosed trailer

    Drop the price to $7000
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    2015 Stealth Titan 6'x12' + V nose enclosed trailer

    White, enclosed, V-nose trailer 6' wide x 12' long, plus the small V nose. Tandem axles on springs with brakes Large ball 2-5/16" Stealth manufacturer, Titan model Spare tire E Channel, 3 strips front to back for two bikes, 8 or so E channel loops for fastening loads 7 pin connect to tow...
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    New-ish at Edmonton

    Hi Ulises, Races happen rain or shine. That said, we've been really lucky the last few years and we haven't had even a full day of races in the rain. Edmonton weather is generally pretty good, with not a lot of rain. But this is definitely just luck of the draw if a given race weekend will have...
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    Water additive suggestions

    I use engine ice in both my bike, and Grace's. Works great. I used to be a little hesitant about using it, because the bottle does say that it's a triethylene glycol product, and our rule book specifically prohibits ethylene glycol. Then a couple years ago, someone had a coolant hose pop off...
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    Do you need a mylaps subscription or just the transponder?

    If the transponder you purchased requires a subscription, then yes, you'll need an active subscription; otherwise the transponder won't work.
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    Pitbull Front & Rear Stand

    I'll take them Sent you a PM
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    Round 1?

    Hi Chris, The exec team, and specifically Jon is doing everything he can to get an exemption from the Alberta government so that we can host the event. We will make an announcement next week to let everyone know one way or the other. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you, but it's all we...
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    Questions on prepping a Yamaha R3 for racing

    Hi Richard, I spoke to you last year at one of the track days. I was checking out your bike. I send you a personal message with my phone number. Send me a text and I can answer any questions you have about prepping an R3, and send you pictures so you can see what I did for Grace's (my wife)...
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    Public Statement

    What would cause the EMRA to lose it's not for profit status? and how?
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Thank you Mike for the technical information on this subject. There is no one on the exec currently with this level of knowledge on the subject. And an extra thank you for volunteering to attend all the EMRA events at Stratotech next year to administer and enforce the system you are proposing...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Thanks Shane. I started a long winded response about how riders are responsible for ensuring their bike passes tech at all times, but you captured everything I wanted to say, and probably nicer than I was going to be.