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    2022 Team Championship!

    Please get your team information into me ASAP! Last year we had 28 riders (7 teams) involved in this extra points race and I hope to see more this year. Get ahold of your fellow racer pals and call yourselves a "team" The details: -Must tell me (Brian Worsdall) your team name and members by...
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    Help! Stolen Race Bikes and everything that goes with it.

    This is heartbreaking Kevin! :'(
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    CBR600RR OEM Front Brake pads

    I'd use these bad boys for the Motorheads instructor bike if you have no use them!
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    2022 Season Kick-Off Endurance Race

    Hi Matt, that should have said "can avoid by changing their tires and refueling in the pits while their teammate is on track." Team relay is each person riding their own bike, which is beneficial because essentially I could go out on fresh slicks and race as fast as I can until my gas tank is...
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    Brembo Calipers

    100MM Brembo calipers, gold, 4-pads per side. (can't remember the model) Wicked brake calipers with incredible feel, only selling because i have two sets. $250 for the pair exactly like these ones: Pretty sure these...
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    Engine Case Savers, Shark fin guard, Dion Device lever guard for sale

    I have the following goodies for sale: Woodcraft racing left side engine case cover for 2007+ Honda CBR600RR with slider puck - ($220usd new plus shipping) - $180 cad Woodcraft racing left side engine case cover for 2011-2018 BMW S1000RR with slider puck ($145usd new) -- $100 cad GB Racing left...
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    GPR Steering Damper for sale

    I've got a GPR steering damper (all black like the photo) for sale for a 2007+ Honda CBR600RR, comes with all the mounting brackets etc. Newly rebuilt with a fresh seal and fluid. From GPR these are $535 USD new but i would sell it for $350 CAD OBO
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    Galfer Wave Rotors Honda CBR600RR

    I've got TWO SETS of Galfer wave rotors I used on my 600RR race bike for 3 seasons I believe. Still in wicked shape, and they are awesome rotors but I picked up a sponsorship with another company now so I need to sell these. They are oversized so you'll need the 1000RR fork spacers (I have one...
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    Motorheads Race Contingency Program!

    Motorhead’s 2022 contingency program Motorheads will be bringing back our race contingency program that will provide the opportunity to win money towards Motorheads Track Attacks at the EMRA race round. If you are interested in entering and earning money towards your next track day, please...
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    2022 Season Kick-Off Endurance Race

    So we are having an endurance race off into the sunset from 4pm-8pm on May 22nd after a Motorheads half track day (11pm-3pm if you want the practice). Here are the rules from the 2021 race, for those who missed it this was a very exciting and dramatic race to the end with the top 3 teams only...
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    Hey Cam I believe Jon and I, and everyone on the executive team would agree that this is something worth discussing at the next meeting and also the AGM with the membership. Even though we collectively thought our actions at the time were the best thing to do, given the rapidly changing and...
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    Please Vote - 2021 Sean Henderson Award

    Hello, Please use this to vote for your favorite for the 2021 Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer award as voted by their peers. This is an award our members choose to be awarded to those riders you think emulated our beloved pal Sean’s memory. He was always happy in the pits, always offering...
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    Picture Plaques 2021:

    I know but what does that have to do with the plaques
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    Picture Plaques 2021:

    Hey gang if you got a podium this year in any Intermediate & Expert race you are eligible for a picture plaque. If your name is on this list I’m going to make you one (or more depending on how many podiums you got). Please get in touch with me to pay the $20 fee for your commitment if you...
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    Endurance Race Rules September 12th, 2021!!!!

    Here are the rules for the Argyll Motorsports & Marine Endurance race of 2021. Big thanks to Argyll for supporting this event and making it possible, also thanks to Stratotech management for going through the work with Sturgeon County to get approval to get that track back open again to finish...