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  1. DEFBOY35

    Tech air interest

    Hello to all. There has been discussion as to the obvious benefits to our members wearing air vests and the potential for fewer injuries etc. and looking at ways as a club to offset the initial investments. This post is to gauge interest in a potential group buy for tech air vests and also...
  2. DEFBOY35

    2022 Rule Discussion

    Hello everyone. It’s that time of year again! with the agm coming up on dec 11, it’s good to get some of the ideas and discussion for potential rule changes flowing ahead of time. mad always, please keep the discussions respectful and on point.
  3. DEFBOY35

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    hello everyone. Now that we have had a couple days to recover from the awesome banquet, it’s that time that we start spit balling ideas for rule changes and get some of the discussion out here to save a little time at the agm. Keep it respectful! I’ll start it off, All lightweight riders...
  4. DEFBOY35

    April meeting?

    when is the April meeting? I don't believe it was in the march minutes.
  5. Scotia

    2019 Rule Change Discussion ^For those who read through and wondering what changes were/weren’t made. Cheers
  6. DEFBOY35

    Pre banquet speeders cup

    Hey everyone. It's that time of year again. It has become an annual tradition over the past few years to hit up speeders before the banquet which is october 20th. The plan. Meet up at speeders for 11am open so we can get in and get to racing as quick as possible. The person with the fastest...
  7. DEFBOY35

    Waved starts.

    Hello. A reminder to all racers in regards to waved starts as I dealt with some confusion over the weekend. If you are unsure if it is a waved start or not 1- check the grid board on your way out. It should say waved start if it is 2- when you line up. If there is no grid marshal standing...
  8. DEFBOY35

    GoPro hero 3 blacks

    Hello. I have a few hero 3 black editions for sale. Have seen them on kijiji for up to 300$ a piece. Looking for 200$/each May be willing to discount on multiple cameras. Shoot me a message if interested.
  9. DEFBOY35

    2018 transponder group buy

    DEADLINE HAS PASSED!! Thanks to those who jumped in on this to take advantage of the savings and thank you to mylaps for allowing us to do this for the membership. The order is being placed. Once I know when we will be receiving the order I will post up on how to go about getting yours. As...
  10. DEFBOY35

    2018 Rule Change Discussion

    hello everyone. It is that time of year again. The agm will be coming up in December so it's time to get some thoughts on potential rule changes for the 2018 season. I ask that any proposal be accompanied with an explanation as to why. Everyone be respectful. Constructive discussion is...
  11. DEFBOY35

    3rd annual pre banquet speeders last chance cup

    As the title says. Pre banquet kart action at speeders. Everyone is missing going fast so why not burn some laps before the banquet. Open at 11am. That's usually the best time to get going. Lots of fun. If you have t been before you will have to Do one race at medium pace. Don't worry. You...
  12. DEFBOY35

    Go kart tires

    hello. I know a few people had mentioned that they were looking for go kart tires to make tent weights out of. I have a line on a bunch of anyone is interested. Let me know how many you need and I can get a bunch and bring them to the track Need to know the next couple weeks.
  13. DEFBOY35

    Utahsba July perimeter round

    whos all going? This is going to be a huge round down at the legendary Utah motorsports campus. (Miller) July 22 weekend. It will be their half of the inter mountain challenge with the Colorado club so should be some solid grids!!
  14. DEFBOY35

    IMPORTANT: Transponders

    Hello everyone. As we are approaching the race season and round 1, it is important to avoid any potential issues with timing to make sure your transponders are up to date and have the latest firmware on them. I learnt this down in Utah a couple weeks ago when my transponder was not picking up...
  15. DEFBOY35

    2017 mylaps group buy

    Hello everybody. DEADLINE IS MARCH 29 at MIDNIGHT to have payments in! The group buy is now finished. Thank you to all that got in on this opportunity. I will post up when they arrive. The plan is to bring them all to race school to distribute as many as possible there. If you need yours...
  16. DEFBOY35

    Pre banquet go fast @speeders

    So we all wish we were still racing. So let's go have some fun before the banquet Saturday. Meet at speeders at 11 am. Get a few races in and then go get ready for the banquet.
  17. DEFBOY35

    2017 rule change discussion

    Alright folks. Let's get the ball rolling early on any proposed changes to the rules for the 2017 season. Any ideas that you think may possibly make the club better etc. let's keep it respectful and on point. This way we will have a jump start on things as the Agm nears in December where we...
  18. DEFBOY35

    Fire extinguishers.

    Hello all. I'd just like to put a reminder out as per the rule book section 2.1, all pits are to have a min 5lbs fire extinguisher displayed AT THE FRONT of your pits. This past round I noticed quite a few pits with no visible fire extinguisher. This is very important for safety in the pits...
  19. DEFBOY35

    01 Honda 600 parts

    Putting this up for a buddy. Parting out a Honda cbr(I'm assuming) No bodywork, motor, ecu , harness , wheels. Has frame swingarm rear subframe tank and forks. If interested let me know and I'll get some prices. And I don't have pics but can get them if needed.
  20. DEFBOY35

    Mylaps transponder group buy

    hello. The group buy is now closed Thanks to all who took part in this. Distribution details to follow in the next couple weeks when they arrive. A big thank you to MyLaps for making this possible.