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  1. OwenB

    2021 Motorhead’s contingency plan

    Motorhead’s 2021 contingency program Motorheads will be rolling out a new contingency plan that will provide the opportunity to win CASH VALUE at the EMRA race rounds. If you are interested in entering and winning the funds, please follow the instructions below, and be registered to become...
  2. OwenB

    Getting Started with the EMRA

    Getting Started: What You Need To Know So you want to get started in racing. One of the best ways to get started in racing is to spend a year volunteering. Volunteering is the next best seat in the house other than on the bike, you see all the action up close. Once you have volunteered or...
  3. OwenB

    Ride share for race events and accommodations

    Hello everyone So I will be providing a direct connection for all Calgary or out of town people needing any info on Edmonton or anything I can do to help make your racing easier. Please feel free to contact me [email protected] Ride share We are setting up a ride share program for...