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  1. ehagar

    Ducati 848

    I don't think I am going to racing this bike and will be looking to sell it. If someone wants a race bike or track day machine I will sell it for 5K. Basically an ex-Taylor Racing 2008 Ducati 848 in a 1198 frame (no title) - Recently Rebuilt engine (New Valves and Seats, Belts, Seals, Gaskets...
  2. ehagar

    Bikes for Sale

  3. ehagar

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Thanks Steve. Maybe I am cross-eyed, but section 5.3 on pg 17 of the link you provided says: ' 600 SS - 640cc or less (twins up to 750cc, triples up to 680cc, Ducati 848, singles - Open)' Anyway... I still propose changing the language of 5.1, 5.3, 5.5 to: Engine displacement: four cylinders...
  4. ehagar

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    One of the things I find confusing with the rulebook is the competition categories surrounding the 600 class. As it stands right now it is written as follows: Section 5.1 Competition Categories of the rulebook: -600 SS - 640cc or less (twins up to 750cc, triples up to 680cc, singles -...
  5. ehagar

    Wanted: 2008 R6 Throttle Cable assembly

    Solved! Thanks!
  6. ehagar

    Wanted: 2008 R6 Throttle Cable assembly

    I need to replace mine. Ordering a replacement set, but just checking to see if anyone has a spare throttle cable assembly for a 2008 R6 (I imagine 2008-2016 are all the same).
  7. ehagar

    Track Attack (Novice Group) Questions?

    I think this thread should answer most of your questions: Novice group has two paced sessions where they show you the correct line, track entrance/egress procedures at a relaxed pace. If you are looking for...
  8. ehagar

    Area 27April 6th

  9. ehagar

    MotoGP COTA 2019

    I had a work trip last year in Houston and could only make the Sunday. Bought general admission and parking pass (I think I stayed in Lot F...) and drove Houston to COTA early in the morning. Not a bad drive at non-peak hours to get out of Houston. General admission wasn't that bad and I ended...
  10. ehagar

    Test and Tune Air Fence Setup

    I'll try to make it as close to 5:00 pm as I can...
  11. ehagar

    EMRA Rd 3 photos

    I was taking photos on Sunday until I realized the track wasn't that bad, and decided to put down the camera to go race. For what it's worth, you can find a small gallery here: If you want to buy a complete set (one round, one...
  12. ehagar

    EMRA Round 2 photos

    Next week. Every grid needs it's backmarker. :p
  13. ehagar

    EMRA Round 2 photos

    Rather than race last Sunday, I was out doing photos. I haven't done shots in about 9 months so I went a bit overboard. My gallery is a bit... big. Gallery is here: It is still uploading but I am hoping tomorrow the...
  14. ehagar

    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    I can help with Rd2 setup. Everett
  15. ehagar

    EMRA Round 7 photos

    Also... I go to the United Kingdom often. If any of you are interested in racing on the other side of the pond, I have a few small galleries here: and here...
  16. ehagar

    EMRA Round 7 photos

    I was planning on doing photos for more race round this year, but unfortunately I did a proper job to my shoulder in Round 1 and couldn't hold a camera for a while. Anyway, conditions were difficult for taking photos, so not the best, but you can find my gallery here...
  17. ehagar

    Race Prep for a Noob

    Buying an old race bike is a great option, but if you are going to convert your bike there is nothing wrong with NRC covers. I use NRC covers on my Yamaha.... crash tested them too unfortunately. I really didn't need to replace the Stator cover but decided to anyway.
  18. ehagar

    HX Track Days July 26th Photos

    When the lighting was right, the curbs and gators almost produced a stroboscopic effect while panning. With the lighting that day, it was neat to see how pronounced the reflection of the curbing off visors and windscreens was. Nice to see the track improvements that have been made this year!
  19. ehagar

    HX Track Days July 26th Photos

    My Hardnox Track Dayz photos gallery here: Prices as marked, but if a rider wants to by a complete set (one rider, all photos of that rider), I will sell them for $50 for the set. If you are interested, PM/email me and I...
  20. ehagar

    Friday July 3rd Track Night photos

    Link fixed :o