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  1. ehagar

    Ducati 848

    I don't think I am going to racing this bike and will be looking to sell it. If someone wants a race bike or track day machine I will sell it for 5K. Basically an ex-Taylor Racing 2008 Ducati 848 in a 1198 frame (no title) - Recently Rebuilt engine (New Valves and Seats, Belts, Seals, Gaskets...
  2. ehagar

    Bikes for Sale

  3. ehagar

    Wanted: 2008 R6 Throttle Cable assembly

    I need to replace mine. Ordering a replacement set, but just checking to see if anyone has a spare throttle cable assembly for a 2008 R6 (I imagine 2008-2016 are all the same).
  4. ehagar

    Area 27April 6th

  5. ehagar

    EMRA Rd 3 photos

    I was taking photos on Sunday until I realized the track wasn't that bad, and decided to put down the camera to go race. For what it's worth, you can find a small gallery here: If you want to buy a complete set (one round, one...
  6. ehagar

    EMRA Round 2 photos

    Rather than race last Sunday, I was out doing photos. I haven't done shots in about 9 months so I went a bit overboard. My gallery is a bit... big. Gallery is here: It is still uploading but I am hoping tomorrow the...
  7. ehagar

    EMRA Round 7 photos

    I was planning on doing photos for more race round this year, but unfortunately I did a proper job to my shoulder in Round 1 and couldn't hold a camera for a while. Anyway, conditions were difficult for taking photos, so not the best, but you can find my gallery here...
  8. ehagar

    HX Track Days July 26th Photos

    My Hardnox Track Dayz photos gallery here: Prices as marked, but if a rider wants to by a complete set (one rider, all photos of that rider), I will sell them for $50 for the set. If you are interested, PM/email me and I...
  9. ehagar

    Friday July 3rd Track Night photos

    Gallery finished uploading... Link here: Photo prices as marked, but if you want to buy a complete set (1 rider) of photos pm me. Max I'll charge for a set is $50. Sorry, I don't have any Rd 3,4 or CSBK...
  10. ehagar

    EMRA Rd 5/6 Photos

    I really wanted to race last weekend, but I was too sick to really think about doing it. Instead I was out taking photos and watching the races. My round 6 gallery is currently uploaded and can be found here:
  11. ehagar

    Sept 5th Track Night photos

    These aren't the best photos, as it was quite dark and I had to bump the ISO up to 1250-1600 to get the exposure. I wouldn't recommend getting them if you intend on printing or blowing up the image, as there is too much noise. But for what it's worth, I have a small gallery here...
  12. ehagar

    EMRA Rd 1 photos

    I was out doing photos on Saturday and Sunday for the first event at Castrol (sadly I couldn't come out on Monday). It was fun to shoot at a new track and I was glad to see EMRA's first event at Castrol go well. I felt a bit like the swamp monster of turn 4 on Sunday, but the rain made for...
  13. ehagar

    June 9th track attack photos

    A few photos from the June 9th track attack. Truth be told I didn't take many photos, so no gallery. I was testing to see if it was possible to do handheld pano shots with my new (super heavyweight) 300mm f/2.8 from the spectator area. I was just hanging around to watch and to curse myself...
  14. ehagar

    Photography waiver @ Castrol

    Dumb question... With the new track for this coming year, how/who would photogs go about signing a waiver and getting permission to shoot EMRA rounds? Everett
  15. ehagar

    EMRA Round 6-7 photos

    Round 6 photos finally uploaded. Gallery is located here: Will be uploading Round 7 photos tonight, and will post a gallery link soon. If you want to buy a complete set of photos of one rider (one round, one...
  16. ehagar

    PICS - EMRA/WCC Rd 3-4

    Round 3 photos are currently uploading (70% finished as of right now, should be finished late tonight) and can be found in this gallery: I was out on Sunday as well, but I probably won't have them ready till...
  17. ehagar

    And yet more photos... EMRA Rd 2

    EMRA Round 2 Photos Still uploading photos, but here is a link to my gallery for Round #2: If you want to buy a complete set of photos (One round, one rider), I can sell the set for $50 (email or pm me). Some...
  18. ehagar

    EMRA Rd 1 Photos

    Here are some photos from round 1... I didn't spend too much time in the infield of turn 1, as the mosquitos were the absolute worst I have ever seen at Stratotech :eek: I ended coming out on Saturday for a few hours to putter around, and you can find a Saturday practice gallery here...
  19. ehagar

    EMRA Round 5 Photos

    Just finished processing and uploading photos from Rd 5, you can find them here: Last round of the season for me. I'm off to Europe in a few days! If you want to buy a complete set of one rider, I can sell the set...
  20. ehagar

    EMRA Round 3/4 WCC Photos

    Ok, no round 4 photos. I saw the forecast and was a clucking chicken. I regret not going. Anyway, gallery is here: If you want to buy a complete set of photos from this round of an individual rider, I can...