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  1. electrobiker86

    Tech air interest

    Definately interested, the discount at strawberry will pay for it in no time. Have to say, without Forcefield gear under my leathers, and Handroid gloves; i very much doubt I would still be able to ride. Without good gear there is no point in spending money making a faster bike.
  2. electrobiker86

    2022 Rule Discussion

    Having missed this season I am catching up on some news here. Relieved you are on the mend Dave. I have to agree with Dave on a rule book addition or change. Procedures are great but without a procedure in the rule book there is risk of repeating the incident in the future. Who is to do what...
  3. electrobiker86

    SV650 street, SV650 AND SV1000 Race / track bikes for sale.

    Sold one, other two no longer for sale.
  4. electrobiker86

    SV650 street, SV650 AND SV1000 Race / track bikes for sale.

    I have a 05 SV650 street bike for sale. Has been gone through and set up for track day duty, or decent street performance. Ready to ride. Specs in ad. Looking for a ready to race package? Also have a SV650 track / race bike for sale. Not much is stock on it. While luck definately played a...
  5. electrobiker86

    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Wondering if there would be support for; No need for a second transponder on 2nd bike, if 2nd bike is to be used within the same class as the racers main bike. Intent; Racers with Wet / Dry bikes to be used in the same race class could share a transponder. Rationale; Having a 2nd...
  6. electrobiker86

    July 3-5 Stratotech Weekend Info

    Thanks Jon, that makes sense.1 more question, does the crew member fill out the event waiver or spectator waiver?
  7. electrobiker86

    July 3-5 Stratotech Weekend Info

    So looking forward to riding Strato, missed riding it by a year. On MSR there is Pit Crew stated as needing a waiver, understandable; but that made me wonder if "pit crew" are in the 100 spectators count / limit?
  8. electrobiker86

    Turn 5 safety...

    Whenever multiple users share a facility it definitely complicates things. The execs have been doing an excellent job on getting improvements made.
  9. electrobiker86

    Turn 5 safety...

    FYI, I was (one of) the corner 5 / 13 workers in 2017 for race school. I was watching the riders approach 5; the racer completely target fixated, seemingly on me, and literally drove into the wall. It was a freaky accident and I suppose could be repeated with worse results. To me that specific...
  10. electrobiker86

    EMRA COVID 19 Policies and information

    Execs, great job on getting the season started and keeping the membership informed, thanks all!
  11. electrobiker86

    where to flash my ECU

    Not sure about the ECU flash, Psycho worked with my power commander settings.
  12. electrobiker86

    where to flash my ECU

    Doug @ Ronin does great work but no longer has a dyno. Doug is always my first call when I need a mechanic. Psycho Cycles is another local choice for Dyno work though, Mark at Psycho vastly improved both my bikes on his Dyno machine.
  13. electrobiker86

    Helmets on Bicycles...

    Prevent causing issues, wow, asking if I need to go buy a helmet to be compliant causes issues, Ok... I miss the good ol' days when bikers, or excuse me; motorcycle enthusiasts, weren't such sensitive snowflakes.
  14. electrobiker86

    Helmets on Bicycles...

    We started bringing a mountain bike to get around the paddock earlier this year, no one has asked us to wear a helmet yet; however I was surprised to see that Castrol requests that helmets be worn by everyone. Has anyone been asked to wear a bicycle helmet in the paddock? Not that I have an...
  15. electrobiker86

    WANTED: Stay for SV650 and 04 GSXR 600.

    Looking for a fairing stay, figured I would check here before ordering new.
  16. electrobiker86

    Classes... Advice needed

    Kris' response is awesome, failing to heed his advice would not be wise. Potential winner for this years most improved rider award too, IMO. If you are lapping less than 1:40 then you are not too slow for any of the classes. Most of us started right where you are now, so it easy for us to spot...
  17. electrobiker86

    To keep or sell

    If the R6 is decent I would go that way, IMO Castrol is better suited for the 600s.
  18. electrobiker86

    Track Attack (Novice Group) Questions?

    First track day, the smile returns just thinking about it. :) Great advice from some really good racers, and the links above I think have answered all your questions. Some take it or leave it advice / observations: If it is in your budget, take the OTP course from Fireman, no one regrets it...