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  1. blam

    FS: champion 2000w inverter generator

    bumpity? no one needs a nice little genny for their warmers?
  2. blam

    FS: champion 2000w inverter generator

    good shape. model: 73552i 1600 watts nominal 2000 watts max runs 1 set of warmers easily. cannot run 2. $300 sold
  3. blam

    FS: pitbull stuff, CBR600RR wheels, tire warmers

    all sold. thanks everyone
  4. blam

    FS: pitbull stuff, CBR600RR wheels, tire warmers

    have some leftover track stuff for sale. 1. pitbull front stand - triple tree type (I have a few pins) - $old 2. pitbull front stand - under fork type - $old 3. pitbull trailer restraint w/ pins that fit a cbr600rr - $old 4. cbr600rr wheels with rotors and captive spacers excellent condition-...
  5. blam

    Motorsportreg issue

    this happens to some people for no reason. most people said using a different device fixes the problem
  6. blam

    Registrar's report recap - 2020

    As promised, here are the tables and graphs for the 2020 season.
  7. blam

    FS: '07 CBR600RR Race bike - ready to ride

    SOLD 2007 CBR600RR - I ran 1:26.1 or something on this bike in 2018 with lots left in the tank - most importantly, it is faster than your treasurer, Scott Huber. ~10,000kms, clean title and untouched harness if you want to register it and convert it back. Woodcraft everything - case covers...
  8. blam

    2020 EMRA Club President Candidate. Vote for me, here's why.

    Creme Bullee for president!! I feel this role is well understated and a lot of people do not see the effort put in by our President and VP, current and past. You and Worsdall have worked your asses off for the club. #HondaPower.
  9. blam

    Text message notifications - red flags and delays

    I only sent one as that was the only red flag that might have caused confusion, but i am glad you got it.
  10. blam

    New Racers Information Page

    Attention all new is a common list of FAQ's and answers. i hope this clears up anything and everything you need to know. 1. what do i need to start racing? if you did race school this year, you need to purchase a race license. if you passed race school last year, you need an...
  11. blam

    Text message notifications - red flags and delays

    Hi everyone, me again, your friendly neighbourhood registrar. We are testing a new text message notification for race days. this will allow the club to send you a text message in the event of a red flag, schedule changes, or other delays. we will only be using this for race days and only for...
  12. blam

    MSR Update: one link, all events

    We have set up MSR to display only EMRA events for easier navigation. we will no longer have to issue separate links for separate events. going forward, all events will be posted at: I will be updating this periodically to get race rounds posted in...
  13. blam

    2020 Race Numbers

    as a general note, I will not be updating this list on any regular basis. MSR keeps track of all the new registered numbers. this list is only to be used as a guideline. If you are retiring a number however, please make a post here so i can free it up in MSR.
  14. blam

    2020 Race Numbers

    weird....its in the system. dont know why its not on that list. correct
  15. blam

    2020 Race Numbers

    this is mostly for the new guys or anyone looking to change numbers. here is the current list of reserved numbers (as of jan 13, 2020). these numbers will be held until the end of round 1. For the most up to date list, please refer to MSR. If you want to see what numbers are available, please...
  16. blam

    2020 Motorcycle Track Attack Schedule

    very cool.
  17. blam

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    This is a great idea, especially the 2nd crew. we lose a ton of time on transfers and waiting for ambulance clearance. this will really help with keeping us on schedule i imagine.
  18. blam

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    that's a great question. I feel like we had more presence in the social media in previous years than last. granted, i do not use much personally when it comes to social media (never on FB and hardly on IG these days) I was not on the exec this year, but i was last year and i can say i did not...
  19. blam

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    the executive have access to all member emails and can do group email blasts. we can also do SMS, but not all members put their cell phone numbers in MSR(most dont). I cant speak for everyone but i'd rather not have my email out in the public and easy to access.