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  1. Joe Preston

    2023 YEG Motorcycle Show

    Dawne and I are available the whole weekend.
  2. Joe Preston

    2023 Rule change discussion

    I agree with this, mostly , but I'd like to see the F112 moved to a F115 like it's been mentioned prior.
  3. Joe Preston

    2023 Rule change discussion

    Single cylinder carburetor bikes.
  4. Joe Preston

    2022 Awards Banquet poll… salmon or cabbage rolls

    How about salmon cabbage rolls?
  5. Joe Preston

    Wed Aug 31 Air fence move to Rad torque 5:30pm

    Stratotech Park AIR FENCE MOVE!!$$$$$$$$ 100 EMRA air fence DEPOSIT REFUND!!!! WE NEED A BUNCH OF VOLUNTEERS to come out to Stratotech Park at 5:30pm WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31st to load up the air fence into two trailers to move it to Rad Torque Raceway, if you can't make Stratotech Park to help load...
  6. Joe Preston

    MON AUG 29th AND WED AUG 31st volunteers NEEDED!!!!!! For air fence moving and to load at Stratotech and unload at Rad torque.

    LOOKING for SOME AIR FENCE VOLUNTEERS at Stratotech Park THERES TWO times this coming week, I need volunteers Monday Aug 29th and Wed Aug 30th at 6pm to move the air fence off track and load onto a flat deck trailer and move it out by corner 1 and the building so it can be loaded this WED...
  7. Joe Preston

    THURSDAY AUGUST 11th Round 4 air fence set up , volunteers needed!! Thursday and Sunday

    WHICH ONE WOULD YOU LIKE????????....................... $100 AIR FENCE deposit refund for coming out this THURSDAY Aug 11th at 8:00pm for the EMRA Round 4 races at Stratotech LOOKING for volunteers to come give a hand to place the on track air fence Thursday AND S U N D A Y after the races...
  8. Joe Preston

    Thursday July 14th @ 6:30pm - $100

    WHO LIKES $100???? , we're looking for some help out at Stratotech Park this Thursday July 14th at 6:30pm to help flip some Air fence on track and put into place to be ready for the EMRA round 2 & 3 DOUBLE HEADER this weekend!! Everyone is welcome to come help out and racers will get their...
  9. Joe Preston

    Looking for some help Tuesday June 28th at Rad Torque Raceway

    WHO LIKES MONEY!??? $100 $100 $100 , come help out and move the air fence this Tuesday June 28th at 6:30pm at Rad Torque Raceway and get your $100 air fence deposit back!SORRY FOR THE SHORT NOTICE,it is very difficult to line up trucking to have our air fence transported and a spot just opened...
  10. Joe Preston

    JUNE 23rd air fence VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

    We also need help after the race day Sunday to remove the air fence off Track, the more help we get , the quicker it will go and faster we all get home!
  11. Joe Preston

    JUNE 23rd air fence VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
  12. Joe Preston

    My laps TRANSPONDER needed!

    I'm in need of a transponder , anyone have one they are wanting to sell?? Can text me at (780) 953-1165
  13. Joe Preston

    MyLaps x2 Transponder

    Still for sale?