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    CSBK is coming to castrol

    Hi all, this is a great coup for the EMRA, congratulations! I'm gonna have to pencil this into my calendar and drop by, for old times' sake... Cheers, Thorsten
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    Stratotech no more...

    Hi all, wow, I'm just catching up with the news (well, news to me anyway), about Stratotech closing. Sad, but in the end not surprising, I guess. Glad to have been part of the glory days! Guess I should come to the last round for old times' sake. Hope I can make it. Are there plans for an...
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    Crazy video

    You may have to sit through a commercial, but I believe it's worth it... Enjoy, Thorsten
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    Endurance Report

    Thanks Ian! Yes, when we did the e-race a few years ago with the TL1000S, it was 2nd gear all around, except briefly into 3rd on the back stretch. As they say, nothing replaces displacement! Of course the S was a pig compared to everything else out there, but what the heck, what we lacked in...
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    Endurance Report

    E-racing rocks! Hi all, good to see that the E-race is alive and well. As one of you said earlier, it is the most under-rated race of the year. Would be great to see more teams out there for sure. Ian, would it be possible to provide some more info on the race? Like who made up the teams...
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    Motorcycle Noise Bylaw

    Hi Brad, yes, I noticed afterwards that they actually tested for a three and four cylinder bike (idle and 5,000 rpm), so I never got the 2,000rpm measured... Cheers, Thorsten
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    Motorcycle Noise Bylaw

    Hi all, I hope everybody is having a great day at Strato today! Okay, so I went to the EPS noise testing site today at the NAIT South Campus. Here are the results: Bike: 1998 TL1000S with Yosh RS-3 stainless straight through race pipes and a Yosh copy stainless header system: idle: allowed...
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    Looking for insurance

    Thanks for the tip, but they're the ones who will not insure a TL at all...:mad: Cheers, Thorsten
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    Looking for insurance

    Hi all, I'm trying to find insurance in Edmonton for my trusted 1998 Suzuki TL1000S, since we walked away from Allstate with all our insurable stuff. Turns out this is not an easy feat as many companies refuse to insure sport bikes (I wonder why :rolleyes:). So any leads to a reasonable...
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    10 Years EMRA

    Hi all, are there any plans to make a bit of a deal about the club's 10th anniversary? I know you guys are always looking for ways to raise the EMRA's profile, this may offer an opportunity? There's a notice on the 2010 poster, so that's great. Any other efforts under way? If there are, and...
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    Bike Race Numbers

    Well done, Jon! For some reason the pull down menu doesn't show up at work...:rolleyes: Yes, when you update the form, you might as well add the kill switch, which is ironically not on there. That's probably why I didn't pay more attention to it... Cheers, TD
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    Bike Race Numbers

    Well, many years ago I put together a check list. It's weird, I found it yesterday somewhere on the EMRA site, but today I can't. Early onset dementia???:eek: Anyhoo, in the old days a competitor was handed the check list as proof of registration and I only teched a bike when the rider...
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    Bike Race Numbers

    Being retired from the EMRA I suppose I don't have a lot of credibility, but I wanted to comment anyway, so there! ;) I have to say from a spectator's perspective that I found the increasingly loose application of race numbers quite frustrating over the last couple of seasons. It was often...
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    Leathers and Helmets

    I can't believe the guy actually walked away! Cheers, Thorsten
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    tire s for vintage road race bike

    Hi, Bridgestone BT45 are the ticket, in my opinion. They come in many of the older sizes, are easy to find, and you may be able to get them cheap locally during some late winter/early spring sales. I ran them on my 73 RD350 both in Calgary and Stratotech and never had a problem. Cheers, and...
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    Western Canadian Championship Results

    Congratulations! Hi all, I just wanted to say congrats to all three clubs for pulling off a regional championship. We tried it a few times in the past and failed because of differences in class rules etc. What y'all did this year is proof that, indeed, where there's a will, there's a way...
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    RC51 or SV650

    Hi Rick, I agree it'll be very useful to check on the SV pros and cons with Todd and Steve Robertson. There are some years where the SV cranks were prone to breaking in race use, as exemplified when I blew up Todd's crank in lap 8 of last year's endurance race :(. You know my bias, I like...
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    Double header announcement

    Yeah, me neither, so what are you guys talking about???:eek: Cheers, Thorsten