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  1. Fireman

    2023 Round 5 drone footage at Stratotech

    Super cool. Thanks for hosting them Brian!
  2. Fireman

    Round 5 results and Championship standings

    I don't think Sundays results are showing
  3. Fireman

    OnTrack Performance riding School June 19th Racer Education Day

    Good Morning everyone! This year we are going to start a new program that I have wanted to do for quite some time. We are going to be putting together a Racer Coaching and Education day on June 19 at Rad torque raceway. The day will consist of on track coaching of rider skills but also we...
  4. Fireman

    Power commander 5 (2015-19 S1000rr)

    Selling a pc5 for a 2015-19 BMW S1000rr In perfect condition and includes a map for pump fuel and U4.4 Email [email protected] 250.00 obo
  5. Fireman

    Boxed Lunches For Pickup On Race Weekend - POLL

    Id be all over this. And maybe a late lunch nap and some sun tanning too! Thanks Brian!
  6. Fireman

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    May I suggest a pro rookie of the year series? This would be a cumulation of points scored by our newly minted expert racers. This is taken directly from csbk, and would allow the club to spotlight our new and up and coming talent. It may also allow those riders to feel more comfortable as they...
  7. Fireman

    SOLD-----2013 bmw s1000rr

    She gone!
  8. Fireman

    SOLD-----2013 bmw s1000rr

    Bike has been winterized and is ready for your garage!
  9. Fireman

    SOLD-----2013 bmw s1000rr

  10. Fireman

    SOLD-----2013 bmw s1000rr

    2013 bmw s1000rr 8363km Used on track for 6 days since purchasing in July. All other KM were street KM from previous owner. Hindle titanium exhaust GPS laptimer Power commander Forsaken motorsports swingarm pivot Bmc air filter 520 gearing and DID ERV3 chain Abs delete with galfer brake lines...
  11. Fireman

    OTP instruction and coaching

    Hello everyone. For those that have not heard, OTP riding school is back at it again this year with the help of Argyll Motorsports and BWM motorrad. (I just couldn't stay away) We will be instructing semi private days this summer (this is aimed at accommodating our EMRA racers looking for...
  12. Fireman

    Track Attack (Novice Group) Questions?

    Just for quick refrence you can find all of the FAQ material here as well I too am happy to answer any questions you may have to get you started [email protected]
  13. Fireman

    2011-2015 zx10 bazzaz and auto tune

    For sale. 2011-15 zx10r bazzaz and auto tune unit (auto tune needs a new 02 sensor) $225.00 obo
  14. Fireman

    2017 AGM Meeting Minutes

    We are still allowing riders to ride on practice days with out intention of racing on Sunday. So I must be missing something then? If room is not a issue, monitory gain is not a issue, and intent to qualify is not a issue, then I'm lost to what is. I understand how the voting process works. I...
  15. Fireman

    2017 AGM Meeting Minutes

    I just wanted clarification that the rule has to do with making a profit for coaching and not about the additional rider on track or the bike the rider was on. I spent most of my adult life helping create the rules that this club is based on, so as I'm sure you know, I'm the least likely person...
  16. Fireman

    2017 AGM Meeting Minutes

    Ok, so if I wanted to do a Saturday practice on one of Owens 300s, I would then just not be allowed to give advice to a rider in that group? Or would I just not be allowed to give advice if I was doing it professionally? I'm just making sure that I and the rest of the members know what I am and...
  17. Fireman

    2017 AGM Meeting Minutes

    Will riders who are not racing on Sunday be allowed on track during qualifying Brian?
  18. Fireman

    Indoor Short Track Racing

    I'm in, how do I sign up?
  19. Fireman

    2018 coaching with OTP schools

    @Ryno, full race bodywork is required, and no instruction or mentorship on EMRA race weekends will be allowed on track
  20. Fireman

    2018 coaching with OTP schools

    Thank you for all of the discussion everyone. If it can be brought up at the AGM in conjunction with the discussion about race bodywork I would appreciate it. I am hoping that if a exception can be made for bikes that do not have lowers or are naked can be made, that a exception for a...