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  1. dexterium

    Tech air interest

    Please put me down for a large
  2. dexterium

    Tech air interest

    I'm interested in this
  3. dexterium

    2020 Edmonton Motorcycle Show

    I can do Saturday from 10 - 1
  4. dexterium


    Fedex will charge you 20$ some on duties for it too...
  5. dexterium


    It will work, I had to buy a new racekey a season ago.
  6. dexterium

    Princess Auto 800lb Motorcycle Lift

    Sent you a message
  7. dexterium

    Damaged helmet needed

    I have an hjc that I crashed in round one, I'd be happy to donate it. Damage on the back of it. Our even my current helmet after Sunday since it's not snell 2015.
  8. dexterium


    I have an extra oem tail section for mine I can let go of
  9. dexterium

    Round 1 novice race pics

    My photographer was taking pictures of mostly the novice races, I think she was catching some practice rounds on Sunday as well for the other racers. Check them out at:!emra/ahte8
  10. dexterium

    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    I can help with teardown on the 29th as well. Rob Schouten
  11. dexterium

    WTB: RC51 Case Covers

    Looks like these are getting hard to find, looking for some case covers for a 2001 RC51. Also interested in other spare parts.
  12. dexterium

    Race Number Reserve List (2016)

    Hi Todd, could you reserve red 42 for me please. Going to the race school in May Robert Schouten.
  13. dexterium

    Race school times

    Somehow I don't see the girlfriend being as enthusiastic about that lol. Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate you answering my questions so quickly. Can't wait to start participating more
  14. dexterium

    Race school times

    That's a good idea, I could absolutely have someone help me with my bike and gear.
  15. dexterium

    Race school times

    Thanks for the answers guys, I found my buddy has a wedding at 4:30 may 14th, would it be unreasonable for me to leave at 3:45, would I miss anything very critical that I couldn't pick up on with more track days? I really don't want to put off this course anymore.
  16. dexterium

    Race school times

    I saw the dates for the race school, but I don't see any times. I assume Friday is an evening but how long do we go on Saturday for?