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  1. Botts

    2017 KTM RC390 - Street Legal - $4000

    Hey everyone! I'm selling my spare RC390. It's actively registered in Alberta, road legal and was my bike for running errands last season. It's pretty much completely stock outside of the LED headlights. It has 4,700km on it, and is on a relatively new set of Dunlop Q3+ tires with plenty of...
  2. Botts

    WTB: Pitbull TRS Pins for RC390, 2012 R6, and perhaps another TRS system.

    Hey everyone! I've got a TRS system, but no pins! I'm looking for R6 pins, and RC390 pins if you have some you can part with. I'm also looking for another TRS system if available! Thanks everyone! Brian
  3. Botts

    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Thanks Steve. I'll send you an email as well. The potential extension of conflict to friends worries me, as many board members are likely friends with say Cycle Works, or Freight Train. If a decision was to come forward around charging a different rate for sponsorship, or perhaps rates for...
  4. Botts

    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Housekeeping changes: Director/Board Member/Executive - The bylaws state: Board of directors, Executive Committee or Board, shall mean the Board of Directors of the society. This leads to confusion throughout the bylaws. We should endeavour to use the same terminology throughout. There are...
  5. Botts

    2021 Rule Change discussion

    I'd rather not have term limits. Many of the strongest non-profits have long time board members who are an encyclopedia of institutional knowledge, and usually tireless volunteers and advocates. If the membership wants a change, they can always elect new board members. The remainder of...
  6. Botts

    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Our bylaws cannot have a conflict of interest provision that can only be reduced to "I'll know it when I see it." -- We do not have a Justice Stewart to rely on. Conflict of interest provisions are incredibly tough to draft. They often teeter between enforceable but limited, or unenforceable...
  7. Botts

    ISO 110 and 140 Take-Offs

    Not off an R3, but I took the Metzelers off my RC390 at 1,600km. They've got no track use, as I bought Q3+ before I took it to the track. They’re Metzeler Sportec M5 110/70ZR17 front and 150/60ZR17 rear. $175 work? Pick up in Edmonton?
  8. Botts

    Rear Stand and Tire Warmer

    Is it a Pitbull rear stand?
  9. Botts

    Pitbull Front & Rear Stands

    I’ll take them!
  10. Botts

    Pirelli tires

    Does Max have a web presence? I'd love to order some Pirellis before the first day at the track if possible.
  11. Botts

    What a customer service from Bayside Performance

    Bayside once tried to tell me that ordering from meant I would be getting grey market gear. o_O
  12. Botts

    DMC Safe-T-Cable in lieu of safety wire

    Does anyone happen to know if Safe-T-Cable is OK? It is approved by the FAA, US Military, and AIA in NASM 33540 for aerospace usage. DMC Sales Sheet - Includes specifications and certification data.