2008 Ducati 848 Track/Race bike


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Circumstance are putting me in a position to sell this. I have just finished prep for the season, and I may not get out to the track much at all this year.
Nitron R1 rear shock (brand new, 0 miles, the big-buck one) -- 200 lbs
Accelerated technologies forks, set up for 200lbs, k-tech internals, 1.0 springs
Uprated and relocated regulator/rectifier
Lithium Ion Battery
Upgraded starter cables
Jet prime ignition switch
New DP race pads (0 miles)
New front and rear sprockets, new chain 520 EK chain
Shift spring update completed
New 10/40 LiquiMoly Synthetic, Ducati OEM filter
New Armorbodies bodywork
New MWR filter (the proper one, that seals the airbox)
Termignoni exhaust (slip ons)
Sidestand delete
Servo motor delete
Lighttech rearsets
Spare Chinese rearsets (new)
Comes with rebuilt title and a headlight -- a chinese bodykit away from going back on the street if you want.
Race fuel cap
Error code due to me cycling the ignition with the servo motor delete not plugged in (Doh!)
New belts this spring
New brake flud
New spark plugs
Steering damper
Lever guard
A few spares -- brake and clutch lever, front and rear sprocket
$8000 CAD
IMG_4862 (002).jpgIMG_4906 (002).jpgIMG_5164 (002).jpgIMG_5165 (002).jpgIMG_5166 (002).jpgIMG_5167 (002).jpgIMG_5168 (002).jpgIMG_5170 (002).jpgIMG_5172 (002).jpgnitron1.jpg