2022 EMRA Airbag System Incentive


EMRA Executive Member
The EMRA is all about safety, our approach to safety can be proactive and/or reactive. One proactive way to promote safety is incentivizing racer to wear an Airbag system in their suits during races. To accomplish this the EMRA will give any riders who are wearing airbag vests their second race free. This will come in the form of a credit. The credit can be applied to each and every round registered for as long as the Airbag system has not deployed and is in good functioning condition. The Airbag system must be FIM standard and be present during the technical inspection. Racers will be asked to provide airbag system information to the registrar to receive reimbursement (which reimbursement will be provided after each race round). Any riders found claiming this credit and not wearing an air vest will be disqualified for the entire round.

Information on FIM approve Airbag systems can be found here: