Dunlop tires (Get your A$$ on Dunlop July Sale) $380.00/set


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Good news!!
I have been working with my suppliers and have a deal for this coming weekend.

A full set of the sticky Dunlop race tires for an un-believable price of $380.00 a set.

This will only be for this round, and it is for guys to see just how good the Dunlops are, and there is limited supply, it is a first come first serve basis.

My regular customers will also get this discount, as i believe that is the only fair way to do this.

Bad news....
I booked our vacation this year after the dates were released, then the july round changed. I cannot change our vacation plans, so I wont be at the track to change tires in July.
I will be at the remaining events for the year.
I will be dropping tires off in Edmonton next week, and can meet up with multiple people at a time to get the tires out to you.

Please Facebook messenger me, or email me at [email protected]

Thanks everyone.


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Right on.
I know it says first come first served but you have my order from last round right?
2 rear mediums (200) and 2 front softs
Just making sure


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Got them Brian, and Richard.

Guys, this is a once a year deal to let you try the new compound/carcass from the new Dunlops. These are the same tires that are being used in Motoamerica. They are simply awesome.

I am doing this to allow people to try the tires out at an incredible price deal. I know once you try them you will see how they are for yourself.

I do only have a limited supply, and Im over half sold out already. Get ahold of me and try them out.



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Yes please Mike - I like the results the Dunlops gave me last round ;) I felt really confident on them.
Done! I will have a set for you. Now if Ian would just try the new compound/carcass tires... I think he would really like them.:D:D