Dunlop tires


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Just a reminder for anyone that hasn't already, please get ahold of me today as the order for round one is going in tomorrow. I want to make sure I get everyone that needed tires. If you need tires for the race school please let me know as well. I can get them in and on your rims if required.

Pricing is still super simple.
Slicks, 1000cc, 600cc, DOT's, Rains, all $420 / set
I can get any of the Dunlop race tires, see my other posts with all tires available.
Install is $20 / set.

[email protected]

Thanks everyone and see you at the track!!


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Thank you everyone who has ordered and pre-paid or made arrangements. Your will have your tires for round 1. I did order some additional sets for track day guys and emergency racers. however these are going fast as well, once they are gone there gone.

I will be at the Track on Sat morning June 2nd for tire changes. They are $20.00/set.

I am also the VPfuel dealer again this year, so if you need fuel, please let me know and I can line that up as well.

See you all in a month.