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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we are very excited to be Western Canada's Official Dunlop dealer.

Lots more info to come in the very near future.

Anyone looking for some Supercora dot's, also let me know. I have about 7 sets left that I'll be blowing out the door.



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Sweet, between yourself and the Dunlop suppliers out east I'm sure can expect even better support at the track. Did someone say contingency....?


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I've had a questions already, hopefully this helps out until the website gets revamped.

For those thinking that they want the UK Tyres. The UK plant closed back in April 2014. There are still tires around for sale, but they still do come out at quite a premium. Pricing will be announced soon.

As in the CSBK and AMA from last year, all tires will be from the Buffalo plant.

As for the full tire line-up; I expect that we will have the same type of stock for race, track and even street. What's even better is that should be no price difference compared to last year. Keep in mind the Loonie has taken a 15% hit since last summer.

As before, Empire Tyres is very grateful that they are continuing to support Edmonton's premier motorcycle riding school, On-Track Performance.

If your really looking for more info, please head over to www.pro6cycle.com.

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About time! Good for you those tires are great tires and one of the big reasons why I went so fast in 2012! Best of luck