May 20-22: Race school, Mini-bikes, Supermoto, Track day, Endurance race ALL-IN-ONE


EMRA Executive Member
I don't think you could start off the EMRA race season with a bigger weekend! May 20-22. We have packed a ton of riding into one weekend. I think there is something for everyone.

May 20, Friday evening will be the EMRA Race school classroom session. If you are going to be on track at all this weekend feel free to head out to Stratotech, we will be setting up the track and as always require volunteers to help with that. Joe Preston is the man you want to contact this year in regards to helping set up air fence for any of our events. Once the track is set up dibs yourself a nice pit spot for the weekend. I'm so looking forward to this first weekend of community at the track, staying at the track over night is allowed but as always no tenting, no open fires, no crazy raves or anything.

May 21, Saturday morning we start our on track portion of the Race School. Thank you to all the volunteers and instructors that make this day possible. It is a huge event and we couldn't do it without you. If you want to help out or think I have forgotten about you, you are probably right, give me a shout and I can put you to work. If you know someone thats wants to volunteer have them email us at [email protected]. We still have a few spot remaining for the race school, if you are looking to get into racing or know someone that is sign up ASAP. You can register right here right now:

May 21, 4pm to 8pm we are excited to welcome the Alberta Mini Roadracing Association (AMRA) to Stratotech. They will be running a test and tune event that will include Supermotos. Registration for this will be through the AMRA website: The EMRA will be teaming up with the AMRA to expand our sport to all ages. We will be having a Provincial Lighweight and Supermoto Championship series during our double header weekend at Stratotech July 15-17, more on that and Supermoto in the near future.

May 22, 11am to 3pm, sleep in a bit, then get back on track! Motorheads Track Attacks will be hosting a half day track day. The price is cheap! Check it out, sign yourself up Riders of all skill levels are welcome!

May 22, 4pm to 8pm, Endurance Race into the sunset. This is going to be a blast. We totally flipped the script, rather than a morning race at the end of the year, we are going to have an evening race to start it off. Not only that, we have had a couple sponsors put up some big prizes for this race, you won't want to miss it. There is a class to accommodate everyone. Registration will be open soon, for now read the Endurance race rules, and build yourself a team.

Best part to all of this weekend is, we don't have to work on Monday! Take your time, getting home and unpacking.