Royce missed the 2014 road racing season for surgery to repair his leg.

Royce missed the 2014 road racing season for surgery to repair his leg, after 5 1/2 months on crutches, Royce has green light to resume training.

A specialist had confirmed they could repair Royce’s right leg, that was 1 3/4 inches shorter than his left leg caused by trauma from a previous injury in 2009. The specialist had advised Royce that he would get scoliosis in his back if it was not repaired. Royce had not been able to run or jog for 5 years. Royce chose to take the 2014 racing season off to have his leg lengthened. A new technology would allow Dr. Kollias the Orthopedic Surgeon to break Royce’s right leg, install a pin that had an internal screw that would lengthen with an external magnet, extending the pin 3.8cm ( just under 1 3/4 inches) while the bone was healing. The surgery that was supposed to take place in early spring, was delayed until July 23, 2014.

After 5 1/2 months on crutches, lots of physio, and time walking with a cane, Royce finally received word on February 18, 2015 that his leg was healing really well. The whole process has gone incredibly well, Dr. Kollias the Orthopedic Surgeon, Tara Gemer (his physical therapist from Elements Physical Therapy) and Lori. Chaki-Farrington (his trainer from Sports Science Institute) have done an amazing job assisting Royce through this procedure. The plan is to remove the pin in his leg in the fall of 2015. He can begin training now with some mild bicycle training, resume his kick boxing, move on to mild dirt tracking, and possibly a few track days later in the summer to prepare for the 2016 racing season.

Royce will not be able to race competitively until the spring of 2016, but he is excited about the news and eager to be faster than ever.



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that is great to hear things are going well with the recovery. cant wait to see royce back out there kicking some ass in 2016!!


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great to hear that the procedure went so well and that we will see royce ontrack in the near future!