Sealed lower fairing reg


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I have a tech question for the execs.

I have an 1199 panigale base model (raced it in 2017 for a couple novice rounds). I’ve tried to find a belly pan/sealed lower fairing without success. There are no commercially available ones for this model. To follow the spirit of the regs, I bought the armour bodies one designed for the S and R models and tried to adapt it without success. So, to confirm, the reg “All bikes must have an oil retaining, “sealed” lower fairing (where commercially available)” will be satisfied? I'll pass tech, right?

Anyone else racing a base panigale? Have I missed something?



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Are you running the stock exhaust? Unfortunately stock mufflers don't have the room to fit a sealed pan over top. Downside of racing a ducati, usually an aftermarket exhaust has to be purchased to turn it into a proper racebike. Message me privately, we can figure it out.