The 2020 Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Award


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Hello fam,

I’m putting out the word now for nominations for the 2020 Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer award as voted by their peers. This is an award you the membership can speak up and nominate those riders you think emulated our beloved pal Sean’s memory. He was always happy in the pits, always offering to help, never worried about the competition and was just happy to be improving his lap times and have fun and mingle with his friends. Last year Tosh Gable was nominated and awarded this and I think it was very fitting. Let’s see who comes to mind for you all and I’ll start collecting nominations and then we will create a voting poll later on.
nominations will be accepted until March 1st.



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I’ll go first... I might be biased because I am so busy on race weekends and I don’t get to see/interact or mingle with a fraction of you that I would like to, but I see this guy a lot and he is pretty outstanding.

Eric Russnak helps people on and off the track, whether it’s with setup, riding technique or making custom parts for people. He volunteered tons of hours, handles airfence with Sean (also another great candidate!), was a riders rep for all the protests Jon had trying to beat me lol and he’s one of the fastest guys out there. I think Eric is a worth candidate for the 2020 Sean Henderson award.


If it's possible, I'd like to co-nominate Max and Ian for this award. The fun that these two had racing each other (and the rest of us) during the LW SBK, LW Open, and Formula Thunder was great to see and made being on track with them that much more fun. To me, these two demonstrate the idea that ‘racing is meant to be fun’. Neither of them has ever turned me away when I’ve sought their help or advice on something. Every race round Max is super busy making sure we all have our tires mounted when we need them and Ian, well he’s EMRA Royalty…;-) That is to say that his contributions to the club as a past president and long time member have helped build the club into what it is today. The level at which they raced last year put the Super in Light Weight Superbike and I think that makes them good candidates for the Sean Henderson award.
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Ill throw in a 4th for Eric Russnak. Eric has always been there even for late night phone calls to help sort out problems or even questions. Honestly just an all around, whole heartedly a genuine great person and the epidemy of a race ambassador.


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I’d like to nominate logan Evan’s.
Much like Sean, it’s rare to find him without a smile and in a great mood. Always willing to lend a hand and puts a lot of work into his race craft and pushing himself to the next level.


I am nominating Mr. Russnak. He really helped Calvin and I out this year with our exhaust systems. Always above and beyond for everyone.


There are a few folks that come to mind.

Eric, Tosh, to name a few.

Because Tosh received the award last year, I nominate Eric.

But if he wins, we need to make sure he doesn't add any custom parts to the trophy.