Water additive suggestions


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Looking for some advice. Building a track bike and have drained all the coolant from the bike. What are some of the best coolant substitutes? I have heard of engine ice and water wetter, just seeing what other riders have had good experience with.
Thanks in advance.


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I use engine ice in both my bike, and Grace's. Works great.

I used to be a little hesitant about using it, because the bottle does say that it's a triethylene glycol product, and our rule book specifically prohibits ethylene glycol. Then a couple years ago, someone had a coolant hose pop off their radiator, and dumped a bunch of engine ice on the track. We cleaned it up using floor dry as a precaution. By the time we were done with cleanup, the spots on track that got coated in engine ice were actually sticky (more grip). Since then, I've been very confident using engine ice in my bikes.