Wed Aug 31 Air fence move to Rad torque 5:30pm

Joe Preston

Stratotech Park AIR FENCE MOVE!!$$$$$$$$ 100 EMRA air fence DEPOSIT REFUND!!!! WE NEED A BUNCH OF VOLUNTEERS to come out to Stratotech Park at 5:30pm WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31st to load up the air fence into two trailers to move it to Rad Torque Raceway, if you can't make Stratotech Park to help load the trailers you can meet us at Rad torque for around 7:00pm, we are going to try and get the first truck loaded and there for around then, AND for helping move and place the air fence on track at Rad torque you will be able to pick your pit spot in any of the NON-Reserved spots too.
CHECK IN WITH Joe Preston to get your name on the list too please!! SEE YA OUT THERE!!!
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