Western Canadian Championship Series Car Pool


EMRA Executive Member
Hey folks, I have been trying to work out ways of getting as many racers out for the WCC in Mission as possible. So ride sharing is one of those ways. I can get a truck and driver to transport your bike and gear. You fly into Abbostford Thursday after work and fly home Monday, 45 minute flight. Sure beats a 12 hour drive. There is room for 4 more people. You will need to have or borrow a Pitbull TRS to transport your bike. Practice Friday, Racing Saturday and Sunday. Fly home monday. Flights are pretty flexible atm, you could fly home Monday morning and make it to work by lunch if you wanted. Here is a price break down:

-Flight Edmonton to Abbostford and back, $250 round trip, this includes a carry on or checked bag.
-Fuel for the truck and bikes $160 each. This is assuming fuel is $2.00/L and the truck gets 20/L per 100km.
-Driver $50 each, tip the guy doing to driving.
-Trailer rental $200 each. This is an 8 day rental of a huge 30' trailer to haul all our stuff.
-Track fees $295 That includes Fri- Sun all you can race racing, enter 10 races if you can, HUGE value.
-Hotel the nicest and closest hotel is the Best Western, a room split between 2 people is $400 each.
TOTAL- $1355 plus whatever you want for food.

How do you book yourself a spot? Tell me you want in, then book your track time through Motorsportsreg.com, then send me your portion of fuel, driver tip and trailer rental ($410). We will load up the trailer at Stratotech, it will be fun like herding cats. You can drop of your bike and gear Sunday May 22 or Monday May 23. Let me know ASAP.