2014 EMRA Fees

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    For 2014 the EMRA will be moving to a new venue, Castrol Raceway, this new track is significantly more expensive to rent than what we were paying in 2013. After discussion and calculations using last year's average racer attendance, the new Executive have come up with the following fee structure for 2014:

    To Race:

    Race School: $300 (includes annual membership)
    Annual EMRA Membership: $40
    NEW - Annual EMRA Race License: $60
    Practice day: $150
    First race: $100
    Each additional race: $30
    Two Novice races: $110

    EMRA Track Attack track days and evenings:

    Annual EMRA Membership: $40
    Full track day: $250 in advance or $285 on the day.
    Evening: $150 in advance or $175 on the evening.

    For more information on 2014 EMRA Track Attacks click here:

    The 2014 EMRA Race School will go on sale this weekend January 18, you can sign up on our fee payment page here:

    I look forward to seeing past, current, and new riders out at this exciting new track!

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    The race school is on June 1st and registration closes when we sell out the 36 spots. Historically the sellout has occurred near the end of March, but with the new venue this may change.

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