April 24th Volunteers needed

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by fast316, Apr 11, 2021.

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    Hi everyone, in order to prepare for our season the Executive is looking for volunteers to help prepare a few things out at Stratotech for the race school and race season. We have 320 hay bales coming to the track that will need to be bagged and placed on track. The airfence will be taken out of storage, inspected and placed in corners and secured. We also have some paint work to do on the track, move our start grid back 3 positions to improve our timing system operation and make a nice pretty start/finish line. We also have our crash truck to tune up for race season.

    There will be a few other things being prepared for our race season at the track, like the grandstands and control tower. It should be an exciting productive day. The day will begin at 10am and end around 5pm. If you have tools, drills, paint rollers, anything like that that you think might be useful bring them. Bring some work gloves and dress to be outside for the day. Everyone that helps out April 24 will be welcome to come back to Stratotech the next day April 25. There will be a media building day for all clubs that helped out on the 24th. Photographers, drone pilots and video crews will be on hand to get the shots that make us look pro on social media. No hot laps or anything, but definitely a good time to come out, walk the track, enjoy some sun shine, fancy cars and nice motorcycles.

    If you can make it out April 24th pm me or post here. It would be great to see everyone out at the track!
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    Any chance there would be a second day needed the next week? I’d love to come help but I’m out of town for work that week.

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