Complete Race Package, you provide the Tow Vehicle.

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    Great for someone just starting out or someone looking to upgrade to a different machine.

    What’s included?

    Race ready Bike 2008 GSXR750 realistically capable of low 1min. 25 sec. at Castrol raceway before track improvements and with me on it. Would easily do lower times with a more dedicated rider.

    - Full race bodywork in great condition, (new for 2018 season)
    - Safety wired
    - Flashed ECU
    - Bazzaz controller with Traction Control, Autotune and Quick Shifter (Tune by Vass Performance)
    - Race Clipons
    - Race rearsets
    - Brembo Front Master Cylinder, (new for 2018 season)
    - Rear reservoir delete, (new for 2018 season)
    - Full Hindle Exhaust race system
    - Braided front brake lines
    - Engine refreshed by Vass Performance
    - Front suspension upgraded internals (tuned by Vass Performance)
    - Penske Fully Adjustable Rear Shock (refreshed and tuned by Vass Performance)
    - Ohlins Steering Stabilizer
    - Ignition Key Delete
    - Race Gas cap
    - Etc.

    Race Gear

    - 1 pc Race Suit
    - Race Boots
    - Race Gloves
    - Back Protector
    - Air Vest (worn over suit with ripcord)
    - Medium HJC Helmet, Black
    - GPS Laptimer with Track Mapping/Trace
    - Etc

    Race Support Gear

    - Folding Trailer with attached tool box (4’x8’) and Pitbull Trailer Restraint System (TRS)
    - Yamaha Inverter Generator
    - Power cords
    - Air Compressor
    - 10 x 10 Popup Text
    - 2 Aluminum Ramps
    - Bickle Single Stage Tire Warmers
    - Front and Rear Race Stands
    - Fuel Cans


    - container of spare parts; clipon tubes, rearset parts, sprockets, master cylinders, brake/clutch levers, misc. bolts nuts, etc.,
    - oil drain/catc can
    - any special tool, lube, safety wire pliers/wire
    - all street pars, bodywork (black & orange scheme), hoses, etc.

    This is literally every single thing related to this bike and racing is included in this package. I’m NOT interested in parting this out at the moment; I don’t have the time or patience.

    Sizes, model specific/ brand name info I’ll try to update in the ad as best as I can.

    I'll start at $8,500.

    PM me, lets start the conversation.
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    Sad to see this. You were missed at the track this year Jeremy.
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    Robert van de Straat
    Interested. Can you text me on 403 707 6691

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