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    Attention all new is a common list of FAQ's and answers. i hope this clears up anything and everything you need to know.

    1. what do i need to start racing?
    • if you did race school this year, you need to purchase a race license.
    • if you passed race school last year, you need an annual membership and a race license.
    • if you passed race school 2 years ago, you need an annual membership and a race license and a rider checkout. contact registration for a rider checkout.
    • You will also need a transponder. see question 7.
    2. Does my race school include a race license/access pass/race number?
    • No. it only includes your annual membership
    3. How do i reserve a race number?
    • buy your race license and pick your number. numbers are held for the current season and released the following season after round 1 if not claimed.
    4. What races am i eligible for?
    • Novice open only. your $100 fee coveres both novice races and a morning practice.
    5. Do I need to do the saturday qualifying/practice?
    • No, this is optional
    6. how do i get promoted to intermediate?
    • you need to do 4 clean races, as a bare minimum. The executive will make the final decision on whether or not to move you up. we will assess you not only on having 4 clean races. you will be judged on your ability to ride safely, your race lines, attitude and speed.
    • For example, if you crash every day and take 8 races to get 4 clean races, you will likely not be promoted. If you have 4 clean races but you run a 2:30 lap, you will not be promoted. If you have 4 clean races, no crashes and run 1:25s but have a shitty attitude towards volunteers and executive, you will not be promoted.
    7. How do i get a transponder?
    • we have limited rentals. we strongly urge you to buy one as renting is not economical.
    • .
    • The X2 is the common transponder used by our club. I cannot guarantee the TR2 will work at this time, so that is a gamble if you wish to make it.
    8. How do i check-in on race day?
    • If you have a transponder rental or medical data carrier to pick up, come to the registration tent. there will be a registration sign.
    • if you have neither, go see tech and have your bike inspected. you need nothing from me.
    9. I want to register he day of, or register for more races on race day, how do i do this?
    • Come find me first thing in the morning. if I am riding that day or prepping my bike, you will not get priority and will have to wait until I am free. That is the cost of late registration, along with a $50 late fee.
    10. What is the refund/cancellation policy?
    • Please give us 48 hours notice for a refund, as we will have to re-do grids and timing, as this is a manual process and we do not want gaps on grid.
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