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    To help riders prepare for their track riding seasons the EMRA and Vass Performance Cycle will be holding an information work shop at the Castrol Raceway Calssroom for riders looking to learn and gain an edge on the competition. April 25, 8am to 12pm will be the 101 portion of the information session. 1pm to 5pm will be the 201 portion of the info session. Motorcycle guru Willie Vass will share his expert opinions and knowledge to riders of all skill levels. Topics will include race season planning, four keys to getting faster, tire talk, suspension and engine mods, note taking basics, communicating about your bike and there will be some technical talk about what your suspension does and how the adjusters work.

    Which session should you be in? Do you know who Willie Vass is? Do you know the spring rates in your motorcycle? Do you plan on racing with the EMRA this season? If you answered NO to any of these questions Setup 101 is the class for you. If you answered yes to all of the above or think you are special because you know everything already, Setup 201 is the class for you. Sharpen your pencil and bring an eraser. Light lunch will be provided by Castrol Raceway, we might even have a few give aways for participants. Funds raised from this day will be put towards our Airfence fund, so it is win win no matter what you take away from the day.

    For those who don't know Willie Vass simply put he is a local race enthusiast who has made it his life to make everything motorycle related around him faster. Willie has done it all from being a club racer himself, to building and tuning, suspension, chassis, engines. Working with riders and equipment that has gone around the world competing in events from CSBK, Moto America, the Dayonta 200, the list goes on. Did we mention he is the man behind current CSBK #1 plate holder Ben Young. Instruction and guidance from him is not easy to come by as he is in high demand all over Canada.

    Register now for this information session, it may be just what you need to go even faster this year, don't wait space is limited! Registration open Feb 18.

    Setup 101:

    Setup 201:
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