2022 Race Season Schedule


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We have so much in store for our 2022 season at RAD Torque Raceway, Stratotech Park and who knows maybe even more tracks! It promises to be the most exciting season yet! The season kicks off with an action packed weekend of Race School, Motorheads Track Attacks, and 4 hour Endurance Race at dusk! To add even more excitement to the western Canadian race scene we have teamed up with the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club to bring racers a 4 round Western Canadian Championship. With more and more tracks out west, the time is right to reboot this Championship and crown Western Canada's most deserving racers! The season finishes up in early September, plenty of time available if/when a date at RMM opens up. Recent rules changes to our Championship point scoring allow for points from an RMM round to be counted towards the season totals.


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